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Caption: Chilling Executors of Fraudulent Deals


As KALENJINS may love to say it, “Po Kwong’et Ng’wonduni”. Yaani, hii dunia ni ya kushangaza kapisaaaa. While KALENJINS are particularly a useless group of emotional and vengeful dark monkeys that are not even close to concluding Scientific Evolution (currently concluding on Homo-Zinjanthropus), you will agree with us that some elements of their language lays proper emphasis to a subject and it is for this reason we concluded (As BAD NEWS ANALYTICA ) that we will expose all the Fraudulent Schemes in NBK. “SIKEMWAI TUGUL Kweraaaa”.


Therefore, our beloved audience, as you may already be knowing, MUNIR SHEIKH AHMED & his REMNANTS (Mainly Wilfred Musau & Reuben Koech) were and are still the MOST CREATIVE BANKING INDUSTRY FRAUDSTERS of Our Time. You have also heard about how National Bank Crooks, pretending to hunt for capital, carried out a major sale of buildings which turned out to be a total Fraud by the Bank’s Management (Read NBK Sale Of Buildings) .


Today, we are going to single out two NBK properties in Mombasa and How Two Thieves (ANN NJOROGE & SAMUEL WANJOHI MUNDIA Still at NBK totally dressed up in a sheep-skin) aided MUNIR SHEIKH AHMED to steal the properties in exchange of some LITTLE DOLLAR DENOMINATED BRIBES. We say little because MUNIR SHEIKH used to take the Lion’s Share on every Fraudulent Transaction.


It is because of FRAUDULENT LENDING by people like ANN NJOROGE and SAMUEL WANJOHI MUNDIA, that one Friday, one of the executives of Deutsche Bank (NBK’s Correspondent Bank) silently cancelled NBK’s trade credit limits without notice claiming that the bank’s opaque transactions did not just add up and they had to internally blacklist the Fraudulent Bank. The Silent Action by Deutsche Bank Executives triggered a tyranny of NBK Black Listing by International Banks (Including the Kenya’s Giant KCB) to the extent that they could not transact any trade business despite having a whole Trade Finance Division.

It is indeed because of the Banking Industry outlaws like ANN NJOROGE and SAMUEL WANJOHI MUNDIA that NBK acquired the Nickname “Bank of Crooks & Criminals”. It has however taken the regulator (CBK) dozens of months to come to the same conclusion and propose NBK’s buy-out as the only feasible solution to prevent the bank from Collapsing. In fact, CBK Governor (Dr. Patrick Njoroge) attempted to save NBK when he prevailed upon its AUDITORS (PWC) to RESTATE FINANCIALS AND FORCE IMAGINARY PROFITS successfully averting a potential historical KSH 5 Billion Loss in the Financial Year 2017/2018, only second to Kenya Airways Loss.

(Read CBK Governor Advises PWC to RESTATE NBK Financials to Avert KSH 5 Billion Loss)

It is because of Professional Counterfeits like ANN NJOROGE and SAMUEL WANJOHI MUNDIA that NBK became a host of shady customers ranging from Terrorists (Read REUBEN KOECH’S Terrorism Financing)Hard Drug Peddlers and the Corrupt Like Kikuyu MPIG KIMANI ICHUNGWA.


It is not the first time that ANN NJOROGE and SAMUEL WANJOHI MUNDIA are debuting on our website. They are on Record COLLUDING WITH A SENIOR RELATIONSHIP MANAGER to Distort the Collateral Position of NBK for Kick-Back Benefits. In this case, ANN NJOROGE was instrumental in approving Early Drawdowns before bank security was perfected while SAMUEL WANJOHI MUNDIA was instrumental in making sure there was a LOOPHOLE in security perfection for corruption benefits. EZEKIEL YUAYA’s role was to provide CIT Services which are normally provided by the Security Firms (Read: ANN NJOROGE and SAMUEL WANJOHI MUNDIA colludes with EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO to defraud NBK of KSH 600 Million).


Our Hard Work (BAD NEWS ANALYTICA together with CYPRIAN NYAKUNDI AND ASSOCIATES) of unmasking NBK, to the level where the only possible solution is a cheap buy-out, has provoked a slew of questions about how financial scandals of great magnitude went unpunished for so long while millions of depositors, most of them the Ordinary Hand-to-Mouth Mwananchi entrusted NBK with their hard earned cash.


According to our Previous blog (see below), NBK has been faking its books of account but managed to survive because of constant BRIBERY TO CBK’S BANKING SUPERVISION team Headed by GERALD NYAOMA. NBK crooks led by WILFRED MUSAU could keep SEPARATE BOOKS OF ACCOUNTS that handled mischievous transactions, Used Dormant Overdrawn Accounts to Hide their Losses, Declared Prudentially suspended interest as valuable interest income, all in the name of DISGUISING THE TRUE FINANCIAL POSITION. And now the CBK Governor, after personally assessing the condition of NBK, erupted from His Slumber with one belated conclusion, that NBK cannot survive and that the only two options in Play are a “SHUT-DOWN” or a “BUY-OUT(Read Analysis of NBK’s Cooked Accounts).


As BAD NEWS ANALYTICA, we are STRONGLY ROUTING FOR THE KCB BUY-OUT because the majority of the Innocent NBK staff must continue earning a livelihood. In an economy where a Looter like “Dr. Plagiarist” William Samoei Ruto has killed the economy at the Macro level, the last thing we want to see is a situation where innocent NBK staff are rendered jobless because of the imminent collapse.


One of the ways NBK lost its money was through various make-shift companies which were positioned by MUNIR SHEIKH AHMED to buy NBK Branches. Our subject matter today is a company called STEEL TRADERS LIMITED which was tasked to buy PORTWAY and NKRUMAH Branches. STEEL TRADERS LIMITED is a company which was registered by AWEYS MOHAMMED AHMED, a Mombasa Criminal Constantly on the RUN.

Conman AWEYS MOHAMED Getting Whipped for Stealing Billions from His Uncle Tahir Sheikh Said (TSS)


MUNIR SHEIKH AHMED used Banking crooks like ANN NJOROGE and SAMUEL WANJOHI MUNDIA to defraud Mzee TSS of his billions which eventually led to his death (RIP Mzee Tahir Sheikh Said). MUNIR & AWEYS were solely responsible for the death of Mzee TSS, Waislamu wanasema hiyo ni HARAM.


Caption: Former NBK Thief Executive Officer & Robert Kibaara, the Conman who is currently executing Fraud in Housing Finance


And so, when the proposal to fraudulently buy NBK properties had been approved by its Fake Board, MUNIR quickly moved to set up an attack team, Just Like the lions plan an attack on its prey. He created a company through Proxies like AWEYS to transact the fraud of buying NKRUMAH (LR Number Mombasa/ Block XXIV/53) and PORTWAY (LR Number Mombasa/ Block XX/146) Branches way much below the Market Values. Internally, MUNIR had positioned professional counterfeits like ANN NJOROGE to expedite toxic Credit Approvals and SAMUEL WANJOHI MUNDIA to hasten security perfections. Let’s Pause for a moment and understand the profile of the professional generics we are talking about.






Caption: Samuel Mundia the Legal Crook who Fast-tracks Fraudulent Security Perfections


SAMUEL MUNDIA is a substandard Lawyer who cannot even defend something as obvious as a person accused of Walking. He drives an Old Mercedes Benz to work from Monday to Friday. However, over the weekends, he drives a top-Class Mercedes Benz which he bought from Corruption Proceeds. He goes around telling anyone who cares to give him audience how he owns TWO properties in BURUBURU and how he works hard on legal matters.  We are not doubting his hard work save for the direction of that hard work as we earlier Alluded below.

Caption: SAMUEL MUNDIA Debuting at Bad News Analytica

SAMUEL MUNDIA Engineered a fraudulent sale (at a throw away price) of this property which belonged to a Chinese Company under the Directions of MUNIR SHEIKH AHMED. Just One week After selling XUA XIANG’s property at a throw away price and getting Kick-Backs from the Buyer (Who was Munir’s Brother who also owned Bellevue Park), the Chinese Company Paid the full amount of his loan balance presenting an AWKWARD moment where his money had to be refunded to him. But still MUNIR SHEIKH AHMED withheld KSH 9 Million of those funds sent by XUA XIANG against IMAGINARY & UNLAWFUL LEGAL FEES. Solid Reports have it that the Legal Firm that was used to create fake Legal Fees is owned by MUNIR SHEIKH’s Sister, Sheikh & Company Advocates. CBK Governor is aware of this illegality but decided to close his eyes. Yaani, You hurriedly sell someone’s property at a throw away price then when he pays to get back his property, you not only frustrate his effort to retain, but also withhold KSH 9 Million for Fictitious Legal fees? This is a FINANCIAL XENOPHOBIC ATTACK on a Chinese National



Caption: Ann Njoroge the Celebrity Rookie Credit Approver whose know-how or lack of it has led to unprecedented losses by NBK


ANN NJOROGE was once a Customer Service Consultant in Barclays Bank. When Barclays decided to lay off their redundant employees in 2013, ANN NJOROGE was among those lucky employees to be nominated by the bank into the “PRESTIGIOUS” REDUNDANCY LIST and was eventually RTS’d back to the market.

At 44 Years of age and actively battling menopause symptoms, ANN NJOROGE was a Lucky Elderly Woman because at that time, NBK was trending as the bank that was LOOKING FOR INCOMPETENT PEOPLE to Run its Departments. It is at this moment that ANN NJOROGE Successfully Laundered Herself back to the Banking Industry Miraculously BAMBOOZLING her way from A Customer Service Champion to a Credit Approvals Head.


Unlike KIMANI ICHUNGWA’S SECOND WIFE (Alice Kario) whom, when you look from far is as beautiful as she comes and we wouldn’t blame a normal man’s Mjulubeng for staying alert at the site of her, ANN NJOROGE is an original un-adulterated Kikuyu woman who is not quite appealing to the eyes of many Men. While ALICE KARIO’S Walking Style is as attractive as it comes and likely to distort a Normal Man’s thinking, ANN NJOROGE on the other side is the Human Version of a Hippopotamus, an ideal Candidate for Slimpossible who is normally dropped every morning by the husband who drives a Prado after which all the Credit Staff peep through the Windows to witness how a Hippo slowly wades herself up to fourth floor of NBK Building. May be this is the reason why she is not a sex target. A point of correction, we said the 43 year old ALICE KARIO was good from far but FAR from Good.


ANN NJOROGE is credited for having done most approval blunders in NBK and NBK staff are insisting that we should not blame her, for those were the public expectations of a Customer Service Consultant turned Credit Guru who from the onset could not even approve funds meant to buy dog’s food.




Back to the subject matter, ANN NJOROGE and SAMUEL WANJOHI MUNDIA under Instructions from MUNIR sold the branches (NKRUMAH & PORTWAY) to SHEIKH MUNIR’S Proxy (AWEYS AHMED) at values that were much less than the market values. SAMUEL WANJOHI MUNDIA reportedly ordered TYSONS VALUERS to undervalue the property to accommodate MUNIR SHEIKH’s Fraudulent appetite, something which was badly exposed by JOE MUSYOKI VALUERS when he was tasked to value the property for the sake of the loan.

As you can see, MUNIR SHEIKH Sold bank properties to himself at extremely low prices aided by ANN NJOROGE and SAMUEL WANJOHI MUNDIA.

However, there was one STRAIGHT SHOOTING EMPLOYEE by the name of CLARE KIVEU whom, without mincing her words shot an email straight to the Thief Executive Officer citing dissatisfaction with the transaction as you can see next.




However, despite CLARE KIVEU’s grave concerns on the theft that was being conducted by MUNIR SHEIKH, NBK board went ahead and allowed the disbursement in a total display of BANKING REGULATORY IMPUNITY.


Caption: Clare Kiveu, The Straight Shooting Credit Orator who nailed the points which were eventually ignored by NBK Board


MUNIR SHEIKH and his remnants single-handedly made NBK to be the BANANA BANK that it is currently. MUNIR SHEIKH paid a lot of Money to the Previous DCI (NDEGWA MUHORO) to be exonerated and the best NDEGWA MUHORO did was to forward a fake file to the then DPP (KERIAKO TOBIKO). MUNIR SHEIKH Would run into a lucky scenario when KERIAKO TOBIKO cleared him of all the criminal cases, gave him back his Passport and Advised him to sue NBK Board for Contractual Breach for a Staggering value of KSH 453 Million just before UHURU KENYATTA appointed NOORDIN HAJI as the new DPP. We are waiting to see whether NOORDIN HAJI will do something about this Somali Fraudster called MUNIR SHEIKH.


SOLOMON ALUBALA was to be the Ultimate Scape-Goat of the DEPOSIT MOBILIZATION GRAND SCAM despite feeding on droppings, The Main Eaters were William Ruto’s Former Chief of Staff MARYANNE KAITANNY, NBK Chairman HASSAN, MUNIR SHEIKH, THOMAS GACHIE (Currently In Resolution Health). All we know is that SOLOMON ALUBALA was the smallest beneficiary being the transactional errand boy (Read- Deposit Mobilization Scammers Twitter Thread).



Caption: DPP NOORDIN HAJI who has not prosecuted any corruption cases so far despite bursting into the office with lots of Energy.



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