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As BAD NEWS ANALYTICA, we arrogantly stand before our audience as both your wrath and your salvation. For those who in their own views consider us as enemies, we apologize for our over-compensating need to prevail and articulate the truth at your expense for you are the embodiment of sins from which we speak.

And now that we have revealed this part of ourselves, we must ask for forgiveness. We are sorry for not having started exposing all the bank crooks much earlier. If you are a corrupt man or woman, we are sorry for not giving your business partners or employers the correct information about you Macharia (Much Earlier).


To our audience, we present to you an ordeal of the most grievous kind. Entangled between are the many suffering Stanbic Bank Kenya Customers. You asked, what is our policy as BAD NEW ANALYTICA? We can say: It is to wage war by any means necessary (but primarily through the keyboard battle-field) against rascals like EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO who at every previous opportunity demonstrated a monstrous tyranny of unethical behavior.


We had promised to serialize EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO’S Profile which we have started. But before that, we had dispatched the fearless #KOT DIGITAL REPORTER to hang around him and clarify some of the information that we had. The #KOT Digital Reporter went up to Stanbic Offices plus his drinking joints and met him in the disguise of a customer. In both instances, when the #KOT Digital Reporter mentioned our issues in passing, EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO dismissed the Reporter and vowed to use his Mkamba Father In Law (WHOM HE SAYS WORKS FOR NSIS) to punish everyone who was giving us information.



For a very long time, our LUO brothers stood out as the bonafide Standard bearers of everything that was right up until when Fraudsters like Bruce Odhiambo modelled a Swindling tactic and through a deliberate precision shoplifted billions of Youth Funds (Rest In Pieces Bruce Odhiambo). In fact, the LUO standards were high, so much so that all the Kenyan Government regimes targeted them for mass murder and economic alienation and everyone clearly remembers how the Illegitimate President Uhuru Kenyatta Killed the LUO’s in 2017 after stealing elections. The entry of people like EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO into the game of bribes should have every Kenyan worried as we are going to demonstrate blow-by-blow next.


Case Study 1:::: Metro Logistics Limited

METRO LOGISTICS LIMITED is a company proprieted by MBURU NJOROGE who resides in the Nairobi’s Leafy Karen area. The company’s main offices are domiciled at Thika Road’s Garden City Estate. MBURU NJOROGE is a shrewd individual who is a specialist at ducking bank loan repayments. MBURU NJOROGE believes in buying everything including Bank Credit Approvals and EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO promises just that which is why EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO had to collect bribes from His Karen Home to get the approvals.


We are informed that EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO goes to MBURU NJOROGE’S house in Karen to drink expensive whisky and his friends say he has a taste for spirits aged 100 years and above. MBURU NJOROGE Believes EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO did him a favor to grant him the loan because he had to fake a lot of things to get the necessary bank approvals.


EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO keeps demanding for bribes from MBURU NJOROGE and the unfortunate thing is that he keeps invoking the names of MAURICE MATUMO (Director Business Banking) & PRISHY PADAYACHEE (Director Risk) as the ultimate beneficiaries of those bribes which is why they must be large enough to buy approvals. Our internal sources explain how difficult METRO LOGISTICS LIMITED is finding it to pay this loan after paying hefty bribes.


Caption: Mburu Njoroge the Banking Industry Bribe Catalyst.


Caption: Beatrice Njoroge, Mburu Njoroge’s Smiley wife Unaware that the Empire will be liquidated by the bank in the near future


Case Study 2:::: Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited

VEHICLE AND EQUIPMENT LEASING LIMITED is a company proprieted by PAUL NJERU. PAUL NJERU Boasts as the Leasing Industry Icon and walks around in bars with EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO saying how he cannot give banks his own house as security for fear that the leasing counterparties who use highly specialized equipment may renege on their repayment. EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO has picked bribes for the longest time possible from PAUL NJERU in the name of granting loans on loose securities. If PAUL NJERU is not operating on black magic, why then can’t he give his own house to show seriousness? By taking bribes, EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO goes around bars boasting how he is the only banker who understands leasing. With all that confidence, bankers have started asking themselves why PAUL NJERU is the only Leasing customer on his portfolio with impeccably loose collateral?


We however give it to PAUL NJERU for Perfectly using EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO through bribes to hoodwink banks into financing triparty contracts whose exit clauses do not tie down the counterparties. PAUL NJERU is on record as having given EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO a VW TOUAREG without paying a dime under the pretext that it was a Residual Asset. PAUL NJERU Defaulted on his loan with Jamii Bora Bank and when he was asked to pay penalties, he ran to the courts to fix the bank. This is what will happen to Stanbic once the loan goes bad (if not already bad).


Caption: Paul Njeru of VAELL a perfect banking industry predator


Case Study 3:::: Signature Tours & Travels Limited

SIGNATURE TOURS & TRAVELS LIMITED is a company proprieted by KOOME MUNENE, a renowned banking industry Fraudster who resides in Kiambu County’s THOME ESTATE. KOOME MUNENE is assisted by his wife ALFETTA MUNGAI KOOME who exited the banking profession to practice corruption. It may be interpreted that EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO is a lover of loosely structured asset finance deals because it’s much easier to get free assets.

KOOME MUNENE is on record as having defrauded a Kenyan Struggling bank when EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO mischievously hoodwinked the struggling bank to grant KOOME MUNENE KSH 600 Million on a deliberately loose arrangement which precipitated deep losses for that bank. EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO colluded with a senior CREDIT TRAINEE who was fraudulently made an approver (Anne Njoroge) and a LEGAL CROOK who cannot even defend a dog in court (SAM WANJOHI MUNDIA) and DISBURSED 600 MILLION WITHOUT PERFECTING SECURITIES. Asset Finance was disbursed to KOOME MUNENE without registering the HP Agreements, something which essentially made it impossible for the struggling bank to recover it’s loans unless they went to the Courts.


When our #KOT Digital Reporter paid a surprise visit to CONRAD BUDO who was the then General Manager for SIGNATURE TOURS & TRAVELS LIMITED (reachable on 0726915445), he told #KOT Digital Reporter that it was EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO who prevailed upon KOOME MUNENE not to give his HOUSE in THOME as security because they both knew the kind of Fraud they had planned. KOOME MUNENE was to give EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO KSH 15 Milllion for the well executed 600 Million Fraud. To do so, KOOME MUNENE was given a KSH 15 Million overdraft by ANN NJOROGE (Under EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO’s Influence) against a controversial undeveloped land in Mlolongo. We are told the KSH 15 Million was shared between EZEKIEL ONYANGO YUAYA, ANNE NJOROGE & SAM WANJOHI MUNDIA with EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO taking the lion’s share. This is the reason why that loan went bad immediately and will still go bad in Stanbic Bank.

Caption: Koome Munene the Asset Finance Crook


Case Study 4:::: James Gachiri Kiniiya

JAMES GACHIRI KINIIYA is an illiterate thug who conned innocent Kikuyu’s the land where he built the Juja City Mall. To sanitize the fraud, EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO arranged a Loan for him at a very heavy cost in the form of bribes. We are told that JAMES GACHIRI KINIIYA is still at the Pipeline stage in Stanbic and we will only divulge details once it is approved.

We have information that EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO (“On behalf of his bosses”) will be going to MAXLAND RESTAURANT IN JUJA CITY Mall on 26th June 2019 to pick bribes for facilitating approvals.


We can therefore conclude that our LUO brothers are no longer the Ethical Standard bearers courtesy of EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO whom we are dismissing right here as having been born out of a GENETIC CESSPOOL WHICH SHARES THE DNA WITH WILLIAM RUTO & ANNE WAIGURU.


If Christianity was a Bank overdraft, then as BAD NEWS Analytica, we want to be on record right here dismissing it as a severely overdrawn religion used to finance unintended purposes. However, for the purposes of disseminating our message in this blog, we have decided to instantaneously join Christianity and call the demon by its three names, EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO.


Now that we know that the man suffering from PROFESSIONAL DEFICIENCY, EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO, does everything with a deliberately tainted precision, we can only interpret ELIZABETH WASUNNA’S Exit to Barclays Bank as a somber milestone in Stanbic’s Ill-fated management transition within its Business Banking Division.


If we have been unfair in our conclusion, we are open to receiving any evidence to the contrary instead of giving us a collective look of disbelief. Until then, it cannot be clearer that EZEKIEL YUAYA ONYANGO’S Lifetime Portfolio’s must be subjected to FORENSIC AUDITS.



  • Jared Oluoch

    Shame on you, before you spread fake news have your facts right. Vaell focuses on equipment and commercial vehicles. VAELL has never had a Tuareg in their portfolio. VAELL engages in clean business only.

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