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More Drama has started emerging from National Bank Again. As it emerged previously, sexual favors in NBK can take you places (Utaenda Nbali Ukitoa Suruali)….. even after the top directors and office bed-mates were uncovered. It did not stop. Tinted Executive offices and bathroom walls have stories to tell, especially since the rumored NBK buy-Out by KCB. If NBK walls were to be compared to underage teenagers, then NBK Directors would be squarely guilty of Indecent Public Exposure. 


ALICE KARIO NYOKABI specifically continues to service her boss and another Dick-Man in KCB bank, a longtime hidden puppet. Despite all the sexual flags about ALICE KARIO NYOKABI, this puppet doesn’t care, his panty-peeping appetite and the urge to help the loud Kikuyu MPIG (whom he hates to the core) have ended being his overriding inspiration. The KCB Panty Destroyer (Whom we will name next time) hates the Kikuyu MPIG because he demands for favors unrealistically as a result of his parliamentary position. Sources from KCB confirmed that some people in senior banking positions are trying to push for ALICE KARIO NYOKABI to get a position because she of course has no technical capability to even get a clerical job on her own merit.


ALICE KARIO NYOKABI has no real track record attached to the value she brings to any institution (except what you already know – SQUIRTING) and many senior bankers are unhappy, they feel she is unqualified and is a non-performer at work. The only reason she would want jobs in government owned banks is because she will be protected even when she doesn’t perform. The only qualification she really has is how low she will be bending or stretching. Banking Employees operating from the highest moral standpoint compares her to a Bank ATM Machine where any Card can go through. Some have branded her a PSV vehicle where any passenger can onboard.


 It’s been known that ALICE KARIO NYOKABI pushes transactions for certain companies of interest (we wonder who they might be linked to- anyone with a clue???!!)


The second-wife to the arrogant big mouthed Kikuyu MPIG has been acting superior to her peers and has stated she really doesn’t need to work in NBK anyway. She hates people in the office because she thinks she has some sort of superiority – well, the only person she has to blame is herself and her KANUNGO (BEND-OVER) TALENT. She is super uneasy at work even after ‘WORKING OVERTIME’


Lately she has been OPENLY OPENING HER SERVERS at any opportunity she gets (chicken like behavior) after the KCB-NBK Buy-Out Rumors grew stronger, anything to get her to the top.  Certain colleagues in both banks are keeping a close eye on her (WANAKODOA TU MACHO KODOKODO) since she feels untouchable not because of her attention seeking loud mouthed partner but because of the two men that have been sampling the now-public-goods but not aware of each other. 


Very recently, ALICE KARIO NYOKABI was overheard asking someone to meet up because the ‘MR Loud Mouth Machungwa’ wasn’t around. She will stop at extremely nothing to get relevance. Is she trying to compete with her home partner? Everyone knows that politics don’t last forever- this is the kinda evil woman who shows her partner dust when his time to climb down comes…. Beware Loud Mouth Tangatanga Proponent Kimani Ichungwa. YOUR SEXUALLY HUNGRY WIFE SAYS YOU DO NOT LAST 1.5 MINUTES AND THAT WHEN SHE GOES OUT OF HER WAY TO MASSAGE YOU, YOU FALL ASLEEP IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT MUNCHING HER EVER HORNY SEX BOX !!!! When the NYS Fraudster (Kimani Ichungwa) was out of the country, he suffered a double tragedy:

  • Ganja-1 (Uhuru Kenyattax) WITHDREW HIS SECURITY DETAILS for associating himself with the High Priest of Corruption and the Tangatanga Defacto Leader William Samoei Ruto (WSR). When WSR rigged out seasoned Kikuyu Politicians in 2017’s Jubilee Primaries, he rigged-in Greenhorns Like Kimani Ichungwa and promised them stolen wealth. Uhuru Kenyatta’s about-turn using the Handshake as an excuse is therefore a piss-off to thugs like Kimani Ihungwa. But this was at the National Level.


  • At the Domestic level, the second wife ALICE KARIO NYOKABI was getting Dickmatised. 


In banking pretty much what is known to one senior person in one bank is known in all banks- same networks. There’s been talks that ALICE KARIO NYOKABI tries too hard to be a high flyer and she will do anything to be at the top even without credentials or merit. ITAKUAJE KAMA REJEA (CV) YAKE NI MLANGO WA KUJIFUNGUA?


ALICE KARIO NYOKABI is bitter and jealous. When others seem to do very well she will discredit them secretly and unprofessionally to the bosses at work. She goes looking for sympathy and crying to her OFFICE HUSBAND about the misdeeds of her ‘home partner’ which is ironical because of what she does herself to eventually get her way.


Since 2014, these are the same circle of bankers ALICE KARIO NYOKABI told of his husband’s bad behaviors and that he fully depended on her before his “cursed fame” (her words verbatim). According to ALICE KARIO NYOKABI, Kimani Ichungwa fully depended on her before he got elected, made money from NYS theft, built a Palace in Kikuyu Town and shifted from Waiyaki Way to that Palace. Without her the houseboy, evolved new money hustler MPIG would be nothing. ALICE KARIO NYOKABI even boasted to her fuck-mates HOW SHE HELPED THE HUSBAND CONCEAL THE PROCEEDS OF NYS THEFT when she took a large Mortgage of Over KSH 35 Million to make it a appear like they built the Mansion from Genuine Money. To get a 15 Year KSH 35 Million Mortgage, ALICE KARIO NYOKABI should be having a salary of KSH 1,050,000. As to whether she earns that Salary in a cash trapped bank, we leave that the NBK’s Credit Department who sanctions such potentially delinquent loans. NBK Credit department may have sanctioned the loan in total regard to the bank policy because they knew there was NYS proceeds that would pay it.

Who talks about these kinda things at work? Really? Husbands you should do proper uchunguzi on some characters before you make them part of your lives. 

Some ‘close’ colleagues are tired of ALICE KARIO NYOKABI bragging about going to lunches with her loud attention seeking MPIG. – someone inform her – this is what happens ‘naturally’ to solid couples and they do not announce (unless someone is trying to create a certain public image that doesn’t exist ) or to balance the equation and not raise suspicion on what is happening at the office in those very early closed door meetings. She then acts as if she is holier than every living being towards the loud hustler and the MPIG has no idea what goes on. Anyway he is busy running around trying to be relevant and stealing taxpayers money.


ALICE KARIO NYOKABI bad-mouths her workmates to their bosses for her own selfish reasons, recently costing her longtime workmate a hard earned promotion but many  watch silently and are left amused by her satanic demeanor. A source at the bank confirmed that she has so called  “few friends” at the bank and gossip chama friends  out of the bank who know each other independently of her, who she shows off to and they stand by and wag their tongues listening to her village like gossip, unfortunately, before night falls they REGROUP ON PHONE TO COMPARE NOTES ABOUT HER STUPIDITY. 


Sadly, ALICE KARIO NYOKABI shares her sad stories not aware that in her midst are humble workmates who are indeed faithful to spouses ( whether 1st or 2nd wives but still very private and simple). Some of them are connected to very high level politicians and civil servants  and it is not public knowledge  even within the bank and they don’t act as if Kenya belongs to them.


ALICE KARIO NYOKABI’s NBK colleagues say they have been silent but it doesn’t matter who her cover up is at this point and even sympathize with anybody who has to deal with a witch like her and they are fed up. She has no respect for other employees or her work and feels she’s superior to everyone. Sources have shared that there’s a sudden change in lifestyle based on the stories she’s been sharing on big things, no need to work, fancy holidays and parties, new businesses and shopping instead of being in the office. 


 A very senior source stated:- It is women like ALICE KARIO NYOKABI who will never let other women who genuinely earn their respect through dedication and hard work to be evident and celebrated for whom they are in their corner offices, she should style up and close her legs to men in the office.” TANGATANGA PEOPLE REFUSED TO OPEN THE ELECTORAL SERVERS IN 2017 ELECTIONS BUT ARE BUSY OPENING BODILY SERVERS TO HIGHEST BIDDERS? As Kalenjins may have it “Po Kwong’et Ng’wonduni”


ALICE KARIO NYOKABI saintly walks out with her lunch bag at 1pm and strides back at 3pm and goes home at 4pm while  others work hard. She sometimes goes to “SEE CLIENTS” (service her office husbands) and returns very exhausted to go home. TWO HOURS OF LAP DANCE CAN BE EXHAUSTING YOU KNOW. She works on her own terms not as per the policies provided by the bank.


Clearly, an opportunist who stops at nothing for the last many years in a number of banks for her own relevance, leaving a trail of her bad behavior in the banks. Even while pregnant (A baby who was wildly rumored to be Reuben’s though not-confirmed through a DNA test by the MPIG) nothing stopped her from doing all sorts of nasty things. Introducing the baby to the filth of this world at a very tender age? Even letting her previous office husband tasted the goods when clearly pregnant and he would make sure they were last out of the board room so he could FEEL HER ARSE and after the meeting, he would sermon her to his heavily tinted executive office.


 A group of NBK seniors and their village MPIGS were overheard over a drink poking fun at a high level Bank Senior staff: “Leo nimeona bibi yako amelete chakula kwa hii budget husband. Wewe Kula hio kitu wacha Ale chakula ya tumbo peke yake au ile umebakisha! Very arrogant guy, na  kesho anapeleka committee coast anapenda uko kuna wasichana weupe, nafasi yako ya hii weekend ni kubwa twanga kitu my friend! He went ahead to show WhatsApp group from his region MPIGS mocking the young fella on his appetite for light women at the coast. – He deserves it, every man knows why- a little ego boost goes a long way 



It is widely known that in past closing of books at the bank ALICE KARIO NYOKABI has stayed late and “worked’ on the weekends for only 2 hours wholed up in someone’s office. 


A colleague states  her being outed, May keep her away from work for a couple of days if not weeks. Hopefully she decides to stay out completely and tends to her cups, spoons and gossip chamas.  She has been heard claiming to soon get big big deals for her SPOON BUSINESS through her connections in-high  places with the forceful help of her partner. MTU ANATAKA KUIBIA WAKENYA NA VIJIKO.


It takes time for a village slut to evolve into a cultured professional.  A good pair of gloves if one needs to be bad-mouthing and discrediting hard working workmates who you spend half your life with at the office.




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