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Caption: National Bank’s Kipsigis Fraudsters


For The First Time Ever, National Bank Chairman, MOHAMED ABDIRAHMAN HASSAN has done something commendable in the eyes of National Bank Employees. He has exposed REUBEN KOECH (Corporate Executive Director) and JOSEPH KERING (Chair of Board Credit Committee) for what they truly are; “HARDCORE BANKING INDUSTRY CRIMINALS”.

REUBEN KOECH is an arrogant Kalenjin Thief and we have said this over and over again. We told Kenyans how REUBEN KOECH Swindled over KSH 1 Billion in a systems upgrade heist including stage-managed hacking of bank systems (Read: Reuben Koech Swindles 1 Billion)

Just recently, the National Bank Full Board Chair (Mohamed Abdirahman Hassan) busted the two thieves (Reuben Koech & Joseph Kering) when their hands were already too deep inside the fraud cookie jar. To Understand this expose, we will take the time and explain the structure of National Bank Board.


1-    The Bank Board has a Chairman who is in Charge of the Full board and his name is Mohamed Abdirahman Hassan.

2-    Within the Board, there are various sub-committees in charge of various functions.

3-    FRANCIS ATWOLI is the Chairman for the Board HR Committee and he is the one who sanctions illegal dismissals.

4-    JOSEPH KERING on the other hand is the Chairman for the Board Credit Committee where loan approvals are granted and toxic games played.


REUBEN KOECH is the Executive Director for Corporate Business (not by qualifications/competence but by entitlement) whose key role should be on-boarding sound business transactions which should be consistent with the banks strategic agenda.

However, REUBEN KOECH (who goes around claiming the way he is the point-man to WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO within the bank) has stylized himself as a dealer in toxic lending and self-aggrandizement. DEPUTY PRESIDENT WILLIAM RUTO was recently rewarded by Kenyans as the most Corrupt individual and anyone who can go around proclaiming him as the Messiah is certainly comparable to a rotten basin of mursik.

Recently, REUBEN KOECH and JOSEPH KERING sat down and made an agreement on how to defraud the bank. There easiest target was to be their customer called BEN MUIRURI GITONGA (reachable on 0722-819749) who is also the Proprietor of GENERAL MILLS EAST AFRICA LIMITED.

General Mills East Africa Limited is one customer who has suffered in the hands of REUBEN KOECH. He is the easiest target because of his unscholarly nature. He is so unschooled and daft that National Bank directors (REUBEN KOECH, WILFRED MUSAU & JOSEPH KERING) have continuously made him there cash cow.

Remember we mentioned previously how REUBEN KOECH was slowly milking a bank customer? (Reuben Picking Bribes). This customer ended up being BEN MUIRURI GITONGA. Below is what we said verbatim.


Verbatim - Koech


GENERAL MILLS EAST AFRICA LIMITED is a Maize & Wheat Trading Company who were granted KSH 1.3 Billion Loan towards the establishment of a Milling Plant in Mariakani, Kokotoni Area.

How beautiful can a dream seem convertible? Moving from Trading to Manufacturing where you are not only aiming to employ Kenyans, but also you are earmarked for specific tax holidays.

The cost of putting up a Milling Plant with 5 huge Silos, 5 huge warehouses with capacity equal to that of Kenya Cereals Board fully installed with Modern Day Milling Machinery is well beyond KSH 1.5 Billion. This meant that the financing so given was a self-destructive loan targeted at fixing BEN MUIRURI GITONGA.

Isitoshe, while BEN MUIRURI GITONGA was busy planning for the construction and executing his side the bargain in line with the bank’s offer letter, REUBEN KOECH and JOSEPH KERING intentionally withheld KSH 500 Million which BEN MUIRURI GITONGA could not access even though that was an amount which was rightfully his. The reason being that REUBEN KOECH & JOSEPH KERING must get kickbacks against any staged disbursement.

While the disbursement finally happened after many months, it only occurred when BEN GITONGA had already incurred millions of project delay costs including Port Demurrages which the bank criminals did not care about.

REUBEN KOECH & JOSEPH KERING are on Record Persuading the unschooled BEN MUIRURI GITONGA to surrender the Plant at a fee to William Ruto’s Stooge, FAROUK KIBET. WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO for a long time wanted to stage a grand entry to the Milling & Sugar Industries at all costs. General Mills East Africa Limited seemed to be such a strategic avenue.

REUBEN KOECH & JOSEPH KERING made sure that BEN MUIRURI GITONGA’s project did not see the light of the day. After cartons and cartons of frustrations, BEN MUIRURI GITONGA was listed as a defaulter by Transunion and could not get a loan anywhere to salvage his project after intentionally being screwed up by REUBEN KOECH. REUBEN KOECH knew very well that by messing up BEN MUIRURI GITONGA, he would be completely at their mercy after being listed with CRB because he could not get any loan anywhere to salvage his project.

BEN MUIRURI GITONGA became so desperate that any solution that was promising enough to get him out of the debt situation was welcome. As a human being, this is extremely understandable especially when a group of corporate criminals are lighting match boxes underneath your anus.

The desperation situation made BEN MUIRURI GITONGA the easiest target and this is where our expose begins. REUBEN KOECH and JOSEPH KERING approached BEN MUIRURI GITONGA one more time with a Godsend Proposal, at least in the eyes of the victim (Ben Muiruri Gitonga).

BEN MUIRURI GITONGA was asked to part with KSH 58 Million which was a facilitation fee for Writing-off the KSH 1.3 BILLION Loan and sending instructions to CRB (Transunion Building In Chiromo) to expunge the victim’s name from adverse credit rate listing. A very priceless proposal for someone like BEN MUIRURI GITONGA who wanted to be debtless and still be able to start a new life.

He was asked to Generate KSH 18 Million as a down payment which he did and paid cash money to REUBEN KOECH. The balance of the payment was to come after the job was done.

How was he to know when the job was finally done? Over and above having the clear possibility of running the CRB report later to ascertain his name was clean (which is the easier part),  REUBEN KOECH advised BEN MUIRURI GITONGA to plan and file for a future bankruptcy so that no one follows him in future. This foolish advice can only be adopted by unschooled people like BEN MUIRURI GITONGA.

REUBEN KOECH went ahead and presented a DEVILISH PROPOSAL to the BOARD CREDIT COMMITTEE proposing to write-off the KSH 1.3 Billion.

This was not a difficult task for REUBEN KOECH because of the Following reasons:

1-    He had an upfront percentage from the KSH 18 Million down-payment in his pocket. How Energized can one be knowing you have millions in your pocket?

2-    The Chairman of the Board Credit Committee is JOSEPH KERING who has always been his partner in toxic loan transactions.

3-    REUBEN KOECH was very much encouraged by DR. PATRICK NJOROGE’S (CBK’s Governor) suggestion that books can always be restated when a bank is staring at a huge loss precipitated by Fraudulent Activities. (Read: Patrick Njoroge Advices NBK to restate Financials). A brand new way of covering-up bank fraud from a renowned Central Bank Governor.


REUBEN KOECH presented the CRIMINAL PROPOSAL to BOARD CREDIT COMMITTEE where it was AWESOMELY APPROVED, thanks to the Chairman of the Board Credit Committee, JOSEPH KERING. The FULL BOARD CHAIR Mohamed Abdirahman Hassan does not seat in that committee unless invited. WILFRED MUSAU (National Bank’s Unimpressive Alligator CEO) on the other hand seats in that committee.

REUBEN KOECH & JOSEPH KERING did not disclose the down-payment they received from BEN MUIRURI GITONGA to Wilfred Musau. WILFRED MUSAU was only assured of the proverbial bounty harvest after the job was fully executed.

WILFRED MUSAU got wind of the down-payment and tipped-off the Chairman Mohamed Abdirahman Hassan. Evidently, REUBEN KOECH & JOSEPH KERING Failed the Full Disclosure Test on criminal transactions.

Currently, the KSH 1.3 BILLION LOAN STANDS WRITTEN-OFF with Complete Board Credit Committee Approval.  Chairman MOHAMED ABDIRAHMAN HASSAN has reported the issue to Banking Fraud Investigation Department (BFID) for investigations.

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) auditors will be dispatched to NBK in the next two weeks for their routine clean-up exercise. Once again, the world expects DR PATRICK NJOROGE (CBK Governor) to clad on dark sun-glasses to ensure he cannot see the fraud in NBK. Recently, NBK did a write-back of a billion on their books to avert a huge loss for the period ending 30th June 2018. We all know NBK did not foreclose on any bad debt, instead, actions such as writing-off of General Mills East Africa Limited’s KSH 1.3 Billion loan is a common eating trend.

In one of Nairobi’s local joints, BFID’s INSPECTOR JULIUS MUSOGA (the Isukha Village Champion) was heard lamenting like this: “Huyu Rufeni ni mtumbafu sana, mbona hakumwambiako huyo mwana piashara Pen Kitonga alete millioni kumi nyingine ipewe Chairman? Hii stori ingekuwa imekufa”.

Inspector Julius Musoga: Isukha Village Champion and a proud owner of a village bungalow


Now we do not know whether WILFRED MUSAU Whistle Blew the matter as a violent reaction for being left out of the down payment equation. We are also not sure whether the chairman MOHAMED ABDIRAHMAN HASSAN would have reported the issue to DCI’s BFID had he been included in the deal?


People like REUBEN KOECH & JOSEPH KERING are National Liabilities. If 400 people like Reuben Koech & Joseph Kering plus their mentor William Samoei Ruto were to be stopped, the government could be in a position to save KShs 400 Billion which means, the government would not be going to China to borrow for the SGR Face 2. This is the reason corruption and Fraud are the worst scourge that happened to Africa.

Since WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO’S Dream of owning National Bank was shattered by Uhuru Kenyatta, his focus shifted to looting the bank as much as possible through rascals like REUBEN KOECH & JOSEPH KERING. The idea is to hand over a shell of a company to Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) should the ongoing Merger discussions materialize.

To do this, REUBEN KOECH and JOSEPH KERING are operating with utmost impunity. In our recent series, we told Kenyans how REUBEN KOECH On-Boarded a Terrorist and demanded bribes from them. Below is our verbatim statement (Also Read).


Terrorism Financing


And to BEN MUIRURI GITONGA, it’s important to go to school. If you had even completed Form 4 and failed, we would be having a completely different situation. National Bank Criminals (REUBEN KOECH & JOSEPH KERING) would not be tossing you like a bag of Maize.

BEN MUIRURI GITONGA, how are you going to get back your KSH 18 Million plus the KSH 10 Million you gave to REUBEN KOECH Earlier? Did you know you could report harassments from Bank Managers to CBK & COFEK? Now your dreams are temporarily shuttered and you are walking around with Goose bumps. Please ensure you take your children to school because they may just end up like you, looking for slippery favors.

And to Kenyans, any time you are going to Mombasa by bus, we urge you to ask the bus driver to stop in Mariakani’s Kokotoni area. Take time and see BEN MUIRURI GITONGA’s raped project, then you will start understanding why corruption should be punishable by Death.

REUBEN KOECH is a Multi-Talented Piece of Rubbish. His traits cut across from LOOTING to being a TOXIC WOMANIZER just like his “role model”, WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO.

We told you before how REUBEN KOECH has been dumping his suicide stick clogging the pussies of Kalenjin Women in National Bank for exchange of favors (Reuben Koech’s Deep Stick Thrombosis). REUBEN KOECH could then go ahead and stick his nose inside National Bank’s COVETED FUCKING ORGANOGRAM (NBK Fucking OrganoGram)

We also told Kenyans how REUBEN KOECH had started sleeping with ALICE NYOKABI KARIO (the second wife to NYS Fraudster KIMANI ICHUNGWA) successfully wrestling her away from WILFRED MUSAU’S Sexual Dragnet. (Reuben Koech the Girlfriend Snatcher)



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