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When SOLAI DAM TRAGEDY happened leaving behind a trail of fatalities, Kenyans were quick to blame PERRY MANSUKH KANASAGARA, the Patel Dam Owner. As usual, Kenyan’s could not VISUALIZE the tragedy beyond their damn noses.

MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE, the daft CEO of WRMA had everything to do with the Solai-Dam Deaths, a situation described by others as “UNTAMED IMPUNITY” (Read). His LIMITED ACADEMIC MUSCLE eventually clouded his ability to see the open danger that he had presented to the people of Solai.

Ordinarily, when a “Parastatal” CEO’s ARROGANCE AND INCOMPETENCE ends up being costly to the extent of taking away lives, the CEO is normally required to QUIT OR GET FIRED. However, when MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE created a pathway of deaths in Solai Dam, he used his political connections to shield himself from being held accountable and forced to step aside. In the process, WRMA charged the wrong people in court as scapegoats.

Apparently, WRMA’s SENIOR ACADEMIC DWARF, MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE, is the cousin to Kenya’s Glorified Terrorist and Money launderer, HON ADEN DUALE Himself. MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE is also said to be the cousin to National Deputy Commandant and as a result, he is using the DPP’s office to COVER HIS CRIMINAL FOOTPRINTS.

On July 8th 2018, WRMA presented the wrong people to be charged for the Solai Massacre and surprisingly, MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE, the Daft CEO was testifying against his own employees, an act whose closest definition could only be viewed as “VERTICALLY ADJUSTED IMPUNITY”. MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE Sacrificed the following NO-BODIES as the convenient scape-goats.

  1. Tomkins Odoo
  2. Jacinta Were
  3. Winnie Mutisya


One of the MANDATES for WRMA is the allocation of water by issuing permits to clients. For the Patel Dam type of client, it was a class C and D in which APPROVAL IS DONE AT THE HEAD QUARTERS signed by the CEO with input from the REGIONAL OFFICE where both have technical committees to deliberate.

TOMKIN ODOO AND WINNIE MUTISYA were in the sub-region and their roles were restricted to opening the file and forwarding it to the Regional Office for action. Since when do you REPRIMAND CLERKS and NOT THE DECISION MAKERS who are Well Remunerated to make key decisions? Why PUNISH INDIVIDUALS for Decisions which WERE WELL ABOVE THEIR PAY-GRADES?

To make our readers understand why WRMA’s CEO should have been charged, we will take the time to go through the Documented Process of initiating Projects such as Solai Dam and obtaining a class C and D permit.

  • The Client (in this Case Patel farm) shoots an Application to sub-region Office.
  • The Application is then forwarded to the Regional office by the sub-region Office.
  • Regional office designated personnel are tasked to Inspect the Project, do a Comprehensive Report, discuss it with CAAC (Catchment Area Advisory Committee) then forward it to the Head Office.
  • Head Office in Nairobi are then expected to deliberate on the report through the technical committee chaired by TCM (Technical Coordination Manager) after which they give an approval or declines the proposal with reasons. There are clearly defined approval levels.
  • Abstraction of Water can only be done after an authorization or permit is issued
  • Water use is then charged on an authorized abstraction point.

Going by the Documented Process, the officers who ought to have been charged alongside MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE (WRMA’s Daft Figure-head) should have been:

1.) Eng Boniface Mwaniki – the HEAD OF PERMITTING and currently the Technical Manager who is very close to the daft CEO and chairs the Technical Committee that approves authorizations and permits.

2.) Simon Mwangi – The REGIONAL TECHNICAL MANAGER who chaired the permitting & technical evaluation committee which gave Solai Dam the Green-Light to start Operations and later to Kill Kenyans.

3.) James Mburu – INTERNAL AUDITOR who has also been compromised. His main Job is to detect corrupted Projects like the Killer Solai Dam but we understand he is selective in his work thus the Death of Kenyans in Solai.

4.) John Mwasia Ndolo – The then KABARNET SUB REGIONAL MANAGER under whose jurisdiction the Solai dam is located.

5.) Kipto Kimeto – ASSISTANT TECHNICAL COORDINATION MANAGER for water conservation in Nakuru who was supposed to assess the regional infrastructure on water conservation.

6.) Job Kipkoech Changwony – ASSISTANT TECHNICAL MANAGER for Flood Management who was in Nakuru then and was supposed to monitor overflow of excess water. We are reliably told he is currently at the Head Office in Nairobi collecting Monthly Salary and doing nothing.

Therefore the people charged especially TOMKINS ODOO and WINNIE MUTISYA were merely sacrificial. None of the various technical committee members both in the region and Head Office were charged which made the whole process shambolic and more of a witch-hunt.

In fact, SIMON WANGOMBE who was the REGIONAL MANAGER at the time of the Patel Dam incident was one of the witnesses against the innocent employees.  The Old Brat SIMON WANGOMBE was conveniently retired and in a surprising turn of events was handing over to the new regional manager the very day that MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE’S Sacrificial lambs were being charged in the Naivasha Court.

Up to date, the main Culprits as mentioned above are yet to be charged and somehow, MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE thinks this will be easily swept under the Carpet after Putting the Careers of INNOCENT CLERKS into eternal Jeopardy.

MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE is an arrogant under-achiever going by his dubious academic qualifications. He is characterized as a person who is always insecure and as a result, he makes RANDOM UNQUALIFIED PLACEMENTS within the organization. For a Parastatal given such a pivotal mandate of Water Allocation, it is appalling for the CEO to be unqualified but most importantly having wrong people on wrong Jobs.

For Example, HUMAN RESOURCE DIVISION is headed by an unqualified person called Festus Riungu. Festus Riungu is a HALF-BAKED SEMI-ECONOMIST who has never studied anything on People Management. We are hereby calling upon the redundantly-moribund CS in charge of the Water & Sanitation Ministry to institute a Staff Audit since improper placements affects the delivery of service to Mwananchi thus leading to Tragedies like the Solai Dam. This is a living proof that incompetence is costly and can lead to deaths.

In WRMA, Unqualified staff are made Managers and those with qualified credentials are made to work under them leading to inferior services to the Mwananchi because they serve the interests of the LOWBROW CEO (MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE) and the SUPER TECHNICAL MANAGER, Boniface Mwaniki who also doubles up (though illegally) as the Deputy CEO.

Due to the INCOMPREHENSIBLE INCOMPETENCE by the Half-Baked Economist masquerading as an HR guru, WRMA has dismissed many employees without following the due process as envisioned by the Kenyan Labor laws.


Shurie Court cases

When we had a survey with about 20 employees of WRMA, they were categorical that no activity goes on in WRMA because all EXPENDITURE have been DIRECTED TO PROCUREMENT where the funds serves the CORRUPTION INTERESTS of the CEO and His DEPUTY BONIFACE MWANIKI.


Caption: Mohamed Shurie’s Spanner-Buoy, Boniface Mwaniki.


We have also not forgotten how MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE and his Strategic DEPUTY MR BONIFACE MWANIKI pocketed cool sums of money during the CONTROVERSIAL DISPOSAL OF VEHICLES at WRMA.

Apparently, MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE consulted his Somali Friends and National Bank Fraudsters, MUNIR SHEIKH AHMED & MOHAMMED HASSAN who successfully executed a similar Asset Disposal Strategy and in the process looted over KShs 1 Billion from NBK.

Disposal Of vehicles and Motorcycles at WRMA should be investigated. This is because there has been no plan of replacing the assets which affects Service Delivery to Mwananchi.

                          WRMA Vehicles Scandalized by Mohamed Moulid Shurie


The other strategy deployed by MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE is Killing the “Finance Department”. According to the Unscholarly CEO, a competent Finance Department is a deterrent to his fraudulent intent and as a result, the weakening of the Finance department is a pivotal milestone in MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE’s World.

Just like his Money Laundering Role Model Hon. Aden Duale, MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE believes that LOOTING WRMA through DUBIOUS PROCUREMENT deals is a better personal achievement ranking above WRMA’s core mandate of Protecting Mwananchi from disasters like Solai-Dam.

James Mburu, the INTERNAL AUDITOR cannot audit WRMA since he was illegally promoted by BONIFACE MWANIKI & MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE and as a result, all internal systems have been killed.

Weakening of the Finance Department Started when MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE & BONIFACE MWANIKI Conspired to sack James Ambuso, the then FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION MANAGER. Out of nowhere, James Ambuso was strategically accused of corruption when his contract was about to end. He was suspended and his contract lapsed while he was in suspension.

MOHAMED MOULID SHURIE quickly elevated unqualified staff to head the Finance department. There is a reason why it is a requirement for a Government Finance Department to be headed by an ICPAK Member who also has a Master’s Degree in a suitable field. This is because the membership is an expectation that you are qualified enough to avert financial risks.

As a result, the Elevation of Javan Cheruiyot & Protus Salasya to Senior Finance Positions was an eventuality that stank to high heavens. JAVAN CHERUIYOT has a Module II degree in IT with only CPA Part II. Protus Salasya on the other hand is an old brat WALKING AROUND WITH NO DEGREE and a PROUD OWNER of CPA Part I Certificate. Acha tucheke kwanza. Yaani wewe ulikataa kusoma halafu unataka kuwa mkubwa wa wale waliosoma?


Caption: Protus Salasya – The Fake Head Of Finance Department


PROTUS SALASYA was forced to step aside following Presidential Executive Orders on Government Account Departments. As of Now, JAVAN CHERUIYOT is the one acting as the Finance Head with a Module II IT Degree from Egerton University. Module II Degrees are not known to be very attractive.

We are therefore calling upon CS Chelungui and PS Irungu to take charge of this important organization. Such an important organization which has a direct bearing to the Global SDGs should not be allowed to vanish into darkness.


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