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WILFRED MUSAU, the NATIONAL BANK’S MANAGING DIRECTOR was recently accused of attempting to rape Asanta Samantha Luku (A junior staffer) in a Public place. Fortunately for WILFRED MUSAU, Kenya is a lawless country despite having some of the best legal brains backed by a “robust” constitution.

Kenyan laws are among the best in Africa having been improved over time as a result of the Litigious nature of Kenyans. However, the corruption level is a monster that cannot allow the legal system to operate optimally.

Kenya’s Sexual Offenses Act starts by acknowledging that SEXUAL OFFENCES LEAVE A VERY BAD TASTE IN THE MOUTHS OF THE VICTIMS AND OF THEIR CLOSE RELATIVES. To many, unless properly counseled, they may leave permanent emotional scars.

On the account of SEXUAL OFFENSES ACT ALONE, WILFRED MUSAU should be sitting in Jail where his WIFE & CHILDREN could be visiting him every week to try and understand why there husband and father couldn’t restrain his Weapon of Arse Destruction.

Why there father did not find satisfaction in their mother to warrant such a beastly act on a girl nearly their age. Why there father was not giving them the optimal lifestyle which other CEOs are giving their wives and children simply because Daddy must finance his sexual thirst.

WILFRED MUSAU’S WIFE is crying out loud for spiritual and situational guidance as the most hurt amidst all the hullabaloo. She cannot understand what she lacks WHICH WILFRED MUSAU MUST GET FROM ALL THOSE WOMEN.

She cannot understand what Samantha Luku has that she doesn’t. From her point of view, she is wondering: “What does she (Samantha) have that had to be obtained by force at all costs?” Her heart is paining because for the first time, she doesn’t find a meaning in the words “For better- For worse” and rightfully so because Nairobians can also not understand why she degenerated from an ANGEL to a SOCIETAL REJECT in the eyes of Wilfred Musau.

Ooh Poor wife, why would a beloved husband put your children through this? Why should your children be the laughing stock in their schools because daddy couldn’t just zip it? We feel your pain and if you are a Christian (which we are not), this is the time we call upon Christians to pray for you. We know you are going through rough moments but behold, freedom will soon come your way.

Secondly, being a government owned institution, on the account of CHAPTER SIX (6) OF KENYA’S CONSTITUTION, WILFRED MUSAU would have voluntarily stepped aside due to abuse of office allegations.

In a replying affidavit to the Attempted Rape Case, WILFRED MUSAU positions MIKE MULILI as a HIRED EYE-WITNESS. Below are some of the behind the curtain audio conversations and shuttle diplomacy that Wilfred Musau has been trying to use to keep off Jail on account of Sexual offenses act. Our #KOT DIGITAL REPORTER IS A SUPER REPORTER I TELL YOU. If you want to listen to the audios, please have your earphones ready.


WILFRED MUSAU Calling AGNES MUTISYA A BITCH. Agnes Mutisya is the former Manager for Mortgages who was demoted to a collections officer. Wilfred Musau’s longtime girlfriend, Zippy Maore is the Head of Mortgages you know. In National Bank, the Loan Collections department is the department where people are transferred as a form of punishment as you are earmarked for sacking. MUCH LIKE QUARANTINE.

You Remember REUBEN KOECH first transferred ADRIANNA JOY LANGAT to Collections for refusing to have sex with him and eventually sacked her (Read This).


Agnes Mutisya: Career Mortgage Sensation & Specialist who was kicked to pave way for Zippy Maore. Now Musau calls her a bitch


Adrianna Langat: The queen who was sacked for refusing to have sex with Reuben Koech Due to Spiritual Manenos.


Samantha being Offered a big job as a Super Regional Branch Manager for Mombasa Region to drop the rape case.


MIKE MULILI admitting that WILFRED MUSAU Could not take a no as an answer from Samantha. MIKE MULILI also saying that Wilfred Musau only got the post of the MD for being a Kamba as a compromise candidate and not for being competent.


Mike Mulili: The Judas in Musau’s Rape case and the hired eye-witness..




HUMAN RESOURCE DIRECTOR RODGERS MUNGUMI intimidating Samantha to give a copy of the police statement and that if she does not, they have the powers (through the board) to get them. Rodgers Mungumi also presents a draft police statement to Samantha to sign. Intimidation galore.

Rodgers Mungumi: The HR Director who is being used to deny Samantha the much desired Justice.


WILFRED MUSAU saying he has LAZY BRANCH MANAGERS IN MOMBASA. He wants Samantha to withdraw the case at all costs and offers her a Regional Branch manager Job in Mombasa. Suddenly, Wilfred Musau believes that Samantha is the Godsend Super Branch Manager who will cut the “Lazy” Branch Managers into size. Yenyewe Ngono sio kitu pouwa!!!! The  list of the lazy National Bank Branch Managers in Mombasa will be available on Twitter.


Wilfred Musau admitting that Samantha asked him to stop beating her and he stopped.


Wilfred Musau asking for forgiveness from Samantha’s Spiritual Leader


Looking at the NAIROBI HOSPITAL’S MEDICAL REPORT, they accurately reported that Asanta Samantha Luku exhibited par-vaginal bleeding and swollen groins. From this report, it was very clear that Samantha’s Mid-Section experienced a thorough beating including heavy punches inside the vagina. Wilfred Musau was later overheard dismissing the bleeding and claiming that Samantha was going through her periods: TWO RHETORICAL questions are generated from Musau’s argument:

1.) How did he know she was having her periods? Did Samantha come without clothes?

2.) Was the Nairobi Hospital Resident Medical Officer so daft that they couldn’t tell the menstrual circle of a woman?


Secondly, the MEDICAL ABSTRACT reports that Samantha’s breasts were notably tender, reminiscent of a woman who has experienced a forced foreplay owing to the limb bruises noticed. WILFRED MUSAU knows that the breast of a woman is one location that can be easily used to turn-on a woman. He must have been in a hurry to turn-on Samantha and ended up pricking her.

Thirdly, the medical abstract reports that Samantha’s Right Mandible (Jaw) was swollen. This points to a failed attempt to gain access to the mid-section and the breasts leaving Wilfred Musau with no option but to hit Samantha on her lower jaws. Haki bibi ya Musau tunakuambieni pole.


                                                                        Nairobi Hospital Medical Report



In the month of November 2017 and through our BONOKO FINANCIAL SPECIALIST, we exposed in plane terms how National Bank Board have been cooking books of accounts and overstating imaginary profits (Read: NBK Analysis of Cooked Financials).

From this analysis, NBK management and CBK GOVERNOR FELT EXTREMELY EXPOSED and CORNERED and the only way to get a temporary reprieve was to pull a first ever move in the Banking Industry – Restatement Of Financials for a Two year period (Read: CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge offers a Trickery Advise to NBK to restate accounts).


When you go to National Bank Website, you will come across there shocking Financial Statements – A financial Restatement by up to KSH 5 Billion in the name of “We must make profits”.

Bob Marley once sung, “I shot the sheriff, but I didn’t shoot the Deputy. They are trying to Track me down for the Killing of the Deputy Sheriff”. In the same spirit, we know that SHEIKH MUNIR swindled KSH 1 Billion together with the current board members (Read: CMA Full Report ).

However, Restating Accounts to hide fraudulent activities and pile blame back to MUNIR is nothing but trickery and similar to accusing Bob Marley for shooting the Deputy Sheriff while he only shot the Sheriff. In short, CBK GOVERNOR should allow the killers of the Deputy sheriff to carry their own cross.

DELOITTE is one of the BIG 4 AUDIT FIRMS who indeed unwrapped National Bank Board’s MEGA SWINDLING SCHEME. With such competence, why did Deloitte not allow restatement? National Bank forced a KSH 700 Million profit through restatement (Our Bonoko Financial Specialist will be giving us this analysis soon) but still made a loss in Quarter 1 of 2018? Between PwC, CBK Governor and National bank board, something is eating the other (hatujui ni nini inakula nyingine).

NATIONAL BANK BOARD are required by shareholders to circulate the events that led to such decisions 21 days before the AGM. However, that has not happened and Shareholders are supposed to be treated to a shock on Tuesday 29th May 2018 when the AGM is Scheduled to happen.

National Bank DID NOT MAKE PROFITS in 2017. The KSH 5 Billion Re-statement amount is the Actual loss that National Bank made. In Banking, Money is not made from Creative Accounting but mainly from interest Income. You can cheat everyone all the time but not yourself. Because all National Bank’s Revenue streams (Mainly Retail & Corporate Divisions) fell short of their 2017 budget numbers by over 80%, National Bank Board directed Wilfred Musau to issue SHOW-CAUSE letters to REUBEN KOECH (Corporate Director) and CROMWELL KEDEMI (Retail Director).

WILFRED MUSAU has issued a show-cause letter to Cromwell Kedemi but he was afraid to give the same to Reuben Koech. However, the Chairman (Hassan Mohammed) has drafted the show-cause letter himself and expected to issue it to Reuben Koech due to POOR PERFORMANCE.

Reuben Koech is a CAREER NON-PERFORMER who was once sacked by Sheikh Munir and his sacking was Reversed by the High Priest of Corruption – Willian Ruto.

We are told Wilfred Musau fears to issue Reuben with a show-cause letter because of the following reasons:

a.) Reuben Koech is the one currently sleeping around with Alice Nyokabi (Kimani Ichungwa’s Second wife) after Alice Nyokabi realized that Wilfred Musau’s days were numbered and she needed a new office husband to keep her surviving from non-performance.

Wilfred Musau is also afraid of Kimani Ichungwa who was the co-mastermind of the KSH 10 Billion NYS theft (Read). Seems like a new sexual organogram is coming up.

b.)  Reuben Koech was once sacked and re-instated by Kenya’s High-Priest of corruption. Reuben is a career non-performer who is indispensable in NBK. Even the Chairman is likely to fail in doing that.

                                                  Reuben Koech’s Sacking letter that was reversed.


REUBEN KOECH is circumventing all lending principles and customers not giving Kick-Backs are not assisted for example BENVAR ESTATES LIMITED, ZINGO INVESTMENTS LIMITED & SWAHILI BEACH LIMITED.

Swahili Beach Limited had previously given Reuben Koech bribes up to KSH 3 Million when he had given them a loan to build an Elephant Project in Diani (South Coast). Since they refused to give additional bribe, Reuben Koech has vowed to make them pay for that decision.

WILFRED MUSAU is not behaving differently. He collects money from customers and distributes the Criminal proceeds to HASSAN MOHAMED & JOSEPH KERRING (a Kalenjin Thief). This is the reason why the board cannot sack Wilfred Musau, because the most influential of the board members are eating.

When you talk about Fraud execution in Kenya, you must include Hassan Mohamed (NBK Chair) into the conversation. Recently, Hassan Mohamed Imported Sugar using an unsecured loan in NBK worth USD 15,000,000 in a scheme dubbed “Collateral Management Arrangement (CMA)”. Certainly, this may be another scam loading. Again, Isn’t this blatant impunity when it comes to Insider Lending? Once Again, CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge will advise NBK Board to Restate its financials once the fraud crystalizes.

NBK Chairman Hassan Mohamed is the only Non-Executive director in banking industry to enjoy the following privileges:

a.) The Bank bought him a new Prado as if he is a bank employee with a full time driver.

b.) He has a complete furnished office again like an employee.


My Grandfather once advised me that in a family, it’s important to work as a team and not a group of people. Recently, National Bank Board travelled to Dubai and treated themselves to an expensive retreat where Wilfred Musau was giving them there corruption cuts.


DURING WILFRED MUSAU’S STUPID PUB CHATS with MIKE MULILI, he mentioned that the Chairman (Hassan Mohamed) bought TWO Philippino prostitutes for sex while in Dubai.

Two main issues can be deduced from Musau’s pub chats:

a.) Why would a CEO go around bad-mouthing the chairman? When you see such things then you start to understand that NBK management is not a team but a group of people.

b.) Why Would a Muslim engage in careless sexual practices?


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