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As #KOT, we are determined to sanitizing Kenya’s Social Fabric at all costs. Not even the Barbaric Cybercrime laws aimed at silencing whistleblowers can prevent us from doing our work.

#KOT’s sensation and the only boy-child president has been tackling the beasts of burden in Kenyan Commercial Bank and the more he has been doing that, the more scores of KCB staff have been pouring out there hearts.


Below is a letter to KOT:


Dear #KOT,


Thank you for doing your job without fear. And as you tackled the ‘KCB beast of burdens, scores of staff spoke out their hearts. The shaming of the untouchables in the society is a divine job, for a chosen few.


And talking about the untouchables, let me introduce you to one arrogant moron, BONIFACE MWANGI. He is a Sales Manager at KCB, currently based at Meru branch.


BONIFACE MWANGI has openly been dating one of his sales representative, despite him being married with children and going against the bank’s non-fraternization policies. He also connived with other managers to SACK ONE ANDREW NJERU.


ANDREW NJERU, a sales representative had refused to back down on his girlfriend who was about to be snatched by Boniface Mwangi as they raved in a local pub. By then Boniface Mwangi was a miserable clerk but a serial bootlicker of the Branch Manager.


Once he became a Sales Manager, BONIFACE MWANGI promised to sack Andrew Njeru. It did not take Andrew 2 years and after a lot of witch-hunts he was finally sacked.


Boniface Mwangi is very hostile to his team. He insults the poor sales men under his region and many have left employment because of his mistreatment.


Ladies are not spared. He openly asks them for sex dates once they go out on SEX DRIVES. If you refuse his advances, he harasses you and once you start to underperform he recommends you be sacked.


Shame this moron and let the affected speak up. Perhaps it will make them feel well, since I doubt there is anything that will be done to him because he has powerful relatives at the head office. And perhaps you may understand that he is not the only evil sales manager. They come in different variations and they misuse poor sales men because they are not covered by unions



From this, we redefine FOOLISHNESS:

“Why would one employee unfairly harass the others yet they are all employees and not shareholders? This is the definition of foolishness”


Clearly, BONIFACE MWANGI is a fool to think he is INDISPENSABLE. What he can do is to have as much sex as possible with KCB MERU Sales Representatives as we continue to dig more on him and finally have him dispensed.




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