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While as BAD NEWS ANALYTICA we do not believe in any RELIGION, our UNBELIEF is founded on extensive reading of various theories attempting to explain the source of the world.

But if indeed the theories of the shithole religion called Christianity was anything to go by, then WIDOWS AND ORPHANS are RANKED UP THE HIGHEST PEDESTAL.

Numerical Majority (Nearly 60%) of Kenyans proclaim Christianity as the overarching religion headed by some Punisher called God. And indeed the Management of ROYAL MABATI FACTORY are believers of the shit-religion called Christianity.

While ADOLF HITLER & BENITO MUSSOLINI were the ULTIMATE ANTI-CHRISTS of the 20th Century targeting and inhumanely experimenting on the Jews, aiming to exterminate them from the surface of the earth, ROYAL MABATI FACTORY Shareholders & Directors are turning out to be the MODERN DAY ANTI-CHRISTS. This time round, the target market is not the Jews but the WIDOWS FROM WESTERN KENYA.

According to ROYAL MABATI FACTORY, widows from western Kenya must be restricted within their poverty lanes and that any sort of improvement is not Welcome.

While we all know that many established corporations set aside a budget for CSR targeting to help helpless people like widows, ROYAL MABATI FACTORY has a similar budget only that there’s is called “Frustration Funds” for CORPORATE SOCIAL IRRESPONSIBILITY (CSI).

ROYAL MABATI Corporate Mission: Thou shall leave widows in Western Kenya roof-less and pray for floods that will sweep them dead


According to ROYAL MABATI FACTORY, the death of husbands to western Kenya widows is a God-sent opportunity to fast-track the death of their wives.

It is ROYAL MABATI FACTORY MANAGEMENT’s solemn belief that by pushing western Kenya widows to the underworld, they will have Total Orphans at their disposal for slavery and child labor.

According to the management of ROYAL MABATI FACTORY, growth of shareholder dividends is a matter of life and death. To maintain growth in a fucked up economy (thanks to UHURUTO Looting backed by RAILA’s KSH 25 Billion hand-cheque), ROYAL MABATI FACTORY have earmarked slavery and child labor as a source of income. To achieve this, they have declared war against an Improved Life Expectancy on the Western Kenya Widows. It’s through termination of these widows that they will have total access to Orphans and recruit them to their Slavery Program called Internship.

ROYAL MABATI’s Vision of Orphan Slavery


Because of ROYAL MABATI FACTORY’s Slavery driven profit vision, Any Well-Meaning Kenyan lifting there head above the grass to help the widows must be trimmed to size using a LAWNMOWER.

Many victims to ROYAL MABATI FACTORY’s CSI have talked to us. Most Recently, they rattled a well-meaning Kenyan called CAROLINE. CAROLINE’s dream of alleviating the plight of widows was not a welcome initiative by ROYAL MABATI FACTORY. They have tried to cut her to size using their lawnmower, she is just a stubborn grass, period.


During a remote interview by BAD NEWS ANALYTICA, CAROLINE had this to narrate:

I have an issue that I hope you people can help highlight because I am certain that I’m not the only victim. On the 17th March 2018, I placed an order for roofing materials at ROYAL MABATI FACTORY.

I subsequently transferred the payment, around Ksh. 100,000 in foreign currency via a bank transfer to the ROYAL MABATI FACTORY Co-op Bank account in KITENGELA.

The order was to be delivered to a WIDOW IN WESTERN KENYA as a personal initiative to alleviate widows. Five (5) Days later, I contacted ROYAL MABATI FACTORY to find out if they had already received the money. But because this was not aligned to their Slavery Vision, they said no.

I contacted my bank and they told me that the money had already been transferred to Kenya. From past experience, I knew that INTERNATIONAL BANK TRANSFERS to Kenya typically take around 3-7 days to reflect in a recipient’s account.

Ten (10) days later, I contacted ROYAL MABATI FACTORY again to find out if the money was now in their account. Again, their Slavery Vision carried the day and they said no.

I told my bank this and they asked that I cross check the account numbers and confirm that I used the right account. I cross-checked this with ROYAL MABATI FACTORY and they confirmed that the account details I had used were correct.

Feeling restless and nauseated, I asked my bank to trace the money, a service I had to pay extra to be accorded. They traced the whole wire process and confirmed that the money was paid to ROYAL MABATI FACTORY on the 20th March 2018.

I contacted ROYAL MABATI FACTORY again and they still denied that they had received the payment. I contacted Co-op bank in Kenya and luckily they corroborated what my bank said that the money was paid into ROYAL MABATI FACTORY’s account. Co-op bank told me to tell ROYAL MABATI to contact them. I did this but still heard nothing from ROYAL MABATI.

I finally told them that I was going to go public with the information. That’s when they finally admitted to having received the payment Ksh. 95,863.10. This was 3 weeks after the money had been transferred to their account.

But when I thought that the nightmare was over, I was gravely mistaken. They had previously promised to send out the order as soon as they received payment.

But now that they had the money, ROYAL MABATI changed the story and claimed that they didn’t have the products. They were expecting the products on the 8th of May 2018.

I told them that that was unacceptable and that they should refund the payment via MPESA to the recipient so that the recipient could get the products from somewhere else. They said they needed a bank account because they couldn’t refund money to an MPESA account.

I provided them with the recipient’s bank account but they have so far not refunded the payment. I have contacted them several times and they keep saying that they are working on it. How difficult can it be to refund a client their money?

This company seems to be the exact opposite of what they claim to be. I hope you can take up this issue and save some poor Kenyans the agony of dealing with this company.


Kindest regards, Caroline


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