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About 5 years ago when TITUS NAIKUNI (then CEO), MBUVI NGUNZE (then COO) and ALEX MBUGUA (then CFO) had stolen enough and realized that Kenya Airways’ fortunes were nose-diving, they embarked on one of the most INHUMANE EMPLOYEE SACKING of our decade. According to Titus Naikuni, Stealing from KQ and putting up Ole-Sereni Hotel through proxies was a National Achievement which ranked higher than the government’s core objective of EMPLOYMENT CREATION.


After milking KQ to its knees, the three thieves led by Titus Naikuni Embarked on firing productive staff in an attempt to create profits from a cost-cutting initiative, the worst blue-chip management strategy ever recorded.


After the Inhumane sacking of KQ employees, KQ Board realized they could not operate without HUMAN CAPITAL, this is when they outsourced up to 75% of its AIR and GROUND employees through the WHEELER DEALER company CAREER DIRECTIONS LIMITED (CDL).


KQ Management hoped that by doing this, they would reduce their fixed costs originating from pensions, Insurance, etc. Little did KQ Shareholders know that there actual problems rested within the management set-up. They continued making losses until they could not service any of their financial obligations. They tried forcing banks to take up KQ’s shares in exchange of FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES, something the local banks are skeptical in taking up.


KQ currently pays KShs 45k per month to their 75% labor force contracted through LUCY MUHIU MMARI’s owned CDL. This is against the 25% employed directly by KQ doing the same job but paid a minimum of KShs 120k.


Due to this terrible remuneration imbalance, CDL staff boycotted work in 2016 and only resumed work after being promised better pay and absorption into KQ’s main employment roster. As a result of the LONG WORKING HOURS AND LITTLE PAY, CDL employees have been rocked with several accusations bordering on DRUG TRAFFICKING, ILLEGAL GOLD PEDDLING, POOR SERVICE, etc. As a result of these, overall customer service and safety of the airline has been greatly compromised (Read: KQ Stealing passenger Bags)

Arising from the 2016 work boycott by CDL staff, LUCY MUHIU MMARI (Owner of CDL) and KQ Human Resources Division are practicing a poisonous form of Toxic feminismSEXPROMOTION.


Lucy MMari: Owner of CDL whose toxic feminism is bringing down KQ again


Why we say that this is the worst form of Toxic feminism is this: Recently, KQ attempted to absorb CDL staff as promised after the 2016 Work Boycott. CDL staff were invited for interviews and the result of the exercise was an OPAQUE PROCESS where the only criteria of passing the interviews was “HAVING AN ACTIVE SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH A SENIOR KQ STAFF”. The obnoxious process promoted the worst ever Toxic Feminism where 80% of slay-queens were absorbed by KQ at the expense of the Boy-Child.


Toxic Feminism At Work


If you are reading this, and as we have always said before: DAILY LIFE EVENTS ARE RANDOM. If you see anything around you following a particular sequence, then the action must have been PREMEDITATED. The BOY-CHILD is EARMARKED for EXTINCTION.



KQ Slayqueens



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