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KENYA AIRWAYS (KQ) was once known as the Pride Of Africa before TITUS NAIKUNI & ALEX MBUGUA defrauded it to its knees. KQ was converted from the Most profitable company to the Most Unprofitable company running into losses equivalent to their sales turnovers.

After the exit of the criminals who massacred the former African pride, a new thief was made the chairman. A person who looted Safaricom to buy a ranch. A person who shot to fame when Safaricom became the most profitable company and forced people to believe that he was the only undisputed person who had Safaricom’s strategic growth agenda figured out. Michael Joseph forgot that the world was undergoing a technological change and that mobile telephony penetration would have happened even without him and Safaricom.


Now Michael Joseph has turned the company to a witch-hunting zone using unscrupulous and barbaric methods in total disregard to the Rule Of Law (Read: Michael Joseph sacks an Employee for suspicion of being Alex Mbugua’s Sympathizer)

Above all, Michael Joseph has changed Kenya Airways TAGLINE from “The Pride Of Africa” to “PROUDLY DESTROYING TRAVEL BAGS IN AFRICA”, a statement which is correctly manifested in the following email to the Chairman by a disgruntled Traveler.

Hello Mr Chairman,

I thought I should send you an email instead.

I traveled on KQ with my family on January 4th and on arrival we discovered that the frame of our infant’s buggy had been damaged on transit and is beyond repair.

After numerous email and complaints KQ have given us the run around and have effectively refused to replace our buggy.  They keep asking for more and more information and documents to prove damage etc.  They refuse to inspect the buggy themselves.

 I have sent them photographs, and even called them before leaving the airport on the 4th of Jan,and was directed to go home and report the matter via the KQ website.  Obviously they could have inspected the buggy there and then and settled the matter.

 As the buggy is very key to the day to day movements of our infant I have decided to purchase a frame from Amazon as below:

(Open: The Frame Purchased by the Disgruntled Traveler after Total destruction by KQ)

The damage is to the hinges that allow the frame to fold, and it is now stuck in  the open position.  We suspect it opened up in transit and was forced back into the folded position by someone that couldn’t work the folding mechanism.

 After several email exchanges with KQ they have refused to replace the frame because they want a report from a repair shop stating the frame is irreparable.  That is not something I can obtain.  I have even offered KQ a full inspection of the frame and an opportunity to find out for themselves.

 Please help.  I am prepared to go very public and shame KQ as this is shameful.  

Flight was KQ100 of 4th January.  We have spent the last 7 weeks without use of our buggy.

 I attach the baggage tag.

Travel tag of the Bag Destroyed by KQ


Kind regards, Disgruntled Traveler


We all know this Disgruntled Traveler is wasting his/her quality time discussing an issue with a Chairman (Michel Joseph) whose only focus is self-aggrandizement. A chairman who really doesn’t care about customer care service. A chairman who hindered the growth of Safaricom to the next level when he insulted a customer in Safaricom’s Moi avenue branch by destroying his phone and sim-card.


Our advice to the Disgruntled Traveler:

Kenya Airways is no longer customer centered. You rather SPEND ADDITIONAL TIME IN THE WASHROOM THAN ENGAGE KENYA AIRWAYS TEAM. This is because your complaints are discarded as soon as they are received.


Furthermore, there are many options. Quit KQ, Just stop using KQ because their customer service is bullshit with Regular lateness. KQ flights are late 99% of the time. LATENESS IS THERE NEW NORMAL


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