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For this expose, we are guilty of plagiarism. However, the Nomenclature employed in the expose is resoundingly luminous and we could not just have enough of it.   So whoever the writer was, we give you a standing ovation and you can come to our office to get a personalized gratitude from our boss.

This blog was written on 25th February 2016 and can be found on this link:: Reuben Koech as the Founder and Life Member of NBK’s PANTY SCIENCE 


The 2 Year Old Expose goes like this:


Sorry folks, I have been off the radar as I have been too busy and I haven’t written in a while, but I am back and I hope it’s worth the wait.  

Today we TALK ABOUT A NATIONAL BANK’S DIRECTOR one REUBEN KOECH.  His recent profile on one of the corporate websites read as;

[[[[“Mr. Koech joined National Bank in August 2013. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Economics Majors) and MBA, Strategic Management Option both from the University of Nairobi.

He also has certification in credit assessment and analysis by Omega of UK and Culhanne of South Africa. Reuben is a career banker with more than 15 years of experience leading growth in the Corporate Banking space and developing high performance teams at leading international as well as regional banks.

He has significant experience in Corporate relationship management for public and private sectors, retail banking, credit analysis & assessment and management, complex loan syndications including PPP financing projects, renewable energy finance etc. Prior to joining the Bank, Reuben worked for Co-operative Bank of Kenya as a Senior Manager in charge of Energy and Manufacturing Sector within Corporate Banking & Trade Finance Unit. He has also worked for Fina Bank (Now GT Bank), CfC Stanbic Bank and Standard Chartered Bank in various leadership roles.”]]]]


A ROSY PROFILE FROM THE SURFACE IF YOU ASK ANYONE, however, WHAT THE PROFILE DOESN’T SAY is how the so called ‘career banker’ is an UNDERPERFORMER in his job and has only moved up the ladder through his cunning art of deception and his whoring among banks as my research has shown.

Let us open this Pandora‘s box to who Reuben Koech Really is: Reuben Koech started his banking career at Fina Bank (currently GT Bank), his tenure there was to be short lived as he could not meet any of his targets during the period. He has been described as a ‘COLD AND LACKLUSTER’ young man that no one thought would make it to manager level.

From there he found his way to CFC Stanbic bank in the guise that he was a strategic transformer and had many connections in the market. This lie later caught up with him when he was again fired for not performing and what his then manager called ‘NOT GIVING A DAMN ABOUT HIS JOB’.

His SHORT STINT AT STANCHART also came with its struggles as the junior relationship manager could not bullshit his new management and soon got his marching orders for poor performance.

Luckily, the jobless young man had a relative at Co-operative bank who hand-held him and gave him a management position in the bank and that was the beginning of his profile as a career banker (sic). Life at Coop Bank was easier as with a godfather to hold his hand he was able to cover his incompetence and also managed to get the best performing portfolios to manage. Rumor has it that at one time there was a management split at coop bank when he was given a role in Energy and Manufacturing – a portfolio he had only interacted with in his dreams.

A lucky man, REUBEN KOECH was able to convince one MUNIR AHMED of NATIONAL BANK that he had what it takes to join his transformation team to ‘bring greatness to NBK again’. He got a job at NBK where he was tasked to bank more institutions and corporates.

Further research shows that during his first year at the bank he had medical conditions that had seen him exhaust his insurance policy with bills and Sheikh Munir’s administration had to donate to him Kes. 1,000,000 to help settle his bills. Currently, his relation with Munir and the one executive director he reports to, one Boniface Biko, is said to be cordial and working well.

Still, his targets are sometimes short despite getting one of the best businesses automatically due to historic relationships between National Bank and the firms.

He is solely responsible for the bank losing out on some of the accounts to local competitors such as Coop and KCB. He also is known for making stupid decisions that one would not expect from a Manager, like pricing loans so low to even below 10% when the market is at 17% or more (This is how HFGroup kulad from customers). 

Colleagues fear him as it is claimed he can easily backstab anyone in order to get his way or to avoid problems with his seniors.  He also has GODFATHERS at board level and it is rumored that if you touch him, all come chasing after you.

At NATIONAL BANK, REUBEN KOECH found another proper way to pass his time through a lady by the name LYDIA SAINA. LYDIA SAINA is one of the senior managers at the bank and her relationship with REUBEN KOECH is that of more than just colleagues.

The two have been going out for the past one and a half years which has resulted to problems both at work and at home. Currently, the two love birds are expecting a baby (We are told she aborted after this expose). It is said that LYDIA SAINA’S Congolese husband did not take the affair well and has decided to bounce leaving the lady in massive debt and unable to sustain her livelihood.

This has left LYDIA SAINA with only two loves that of Reuben Koech and her newly found one of the bottle. She drinks like a fish and never makes it to work on time. She has also been seen around with one board of director’s member, one JOSEPH KERING.  They spend considerable time together at MAASAI LODGE – which makes one wonder what a manager would be talking with a board member on a weekend.  To my earlier baby point – I wonder whose baby this is? Reuben Koech is however taking care of his lover and his family is said to be okay with this affair.

National bank is an important bank for all taxpayers and it is our hope that they will clean their house before it goes down the flames.


WENZANGU, HABARI NDIYO HIYO. Its turning out that LYDIA SAINA is a shared commodity between WILFRED MUSAU and REUBEN KOECH. One woman, shuttling two men to get promotion? YA DUNIA NI MENGI.



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