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The Central Bank Of Kenya GOVERNOR PATRICK NJOROGE SUMMONED the National Bank of Kenya Managing Director Wilfred Musau over a SEXUAL HARASSMENT CASE that was lodged at Milimani law courts by a female staffer.

The CBK, Even after verifying the story and confirming THAT IT WAS INDEED TRUE, has refused to order the MD of Kenya’s least trusted bank to step aside and clear his name, LEADING TO DOUBTS ON GOVERNOR PATRICK NJOROGE’S COMPETENCE AS THE GOVERNOR. (Wilfred Musau Sexual Assault Case)

Patrick Njoroge has been accused of EATING WITH CARTELS AND BECOMING PART OF THEM by relying on mainstream media for PR and cheap stunts meant to mislead Kenyans into believing that HE IS THE UNDISPUTED CBK GOVERNOR KENYA HAS EVER HAD.

Indeed, National Bank Board of Directors and Management presented a strange request to Central Bank on Wednesday the 14th March 2018. They are asking the regulator to allow them RE-STATE THERE FINANCIALS FOR THE YEARS 2015, 2016, March-2017, June-2017 and September-2017. Remember Patrick Njoroge advised NBK to mitigate the expected public backlash through FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS RESTATEMENT. Wilfred Musau wants to restate the accounts and Pile Blame back on Munir who is also there friend. ACCORDING TO PATRICK NJOROGE, BANKS ARE ALLOWED TO USE ACCOUNTING TRICKS TO HOODWINK SHAREHOLDERS.

Financial restatement is the revision and publication of a company’s previous financial statements; it is necessary when it is determined that previous statement contains a material inaccuracy. The need to restate financial figures can result from:

  • Accounting Errors – To avoid such mistakes, Banks are audited by the BIG FOUR audit firms with the regulator’s role to make sure that Investors are not misled by Management criminals Like the #MunirRemnants.
  • Noncompliance with GAAP – There is always a chance that Small Audit firms may face challenges in interpreting Accounting standards. This is the other reason why TIER 1 AND 2 BANKS ARE AUDITED BY THE BIG FOUR AUDIT FIRMS.
  • Fraud & Misrepresentation – This is a deliberate action by Board Members and Management to mislead shareholders as regards the true position of the company. In all cases, they STEAL MONEY, CREATES A FINANCIAL HOLE then attempt to COVER IT THROUGH RESTATEMENT. In PATRICK NJOROGE’S world, this is an acceptable accounting practice.

In the case of National Bank, It is fraud at its purest form. Suddenly and after the expose by our BONOKO ACCOUNTANT (Analysis of NBK Cooked Financials), National Bank have realized there is need to restate financial statements. A negative restatement often shakes investors’ confidence and causes the stock’s price to decline.

The RAVISHING BLOGGER AND #KOT INSPIRATION (El Presidente Cyprian Nyakundi) has always advised NBK customers to withdraw their monies. Very soon the Fraudulent Activities are coming home to roost and they will be crying on TV just like Chase & Imperial Bank customers.


Here are the Scandals that National Bank Management have been Hiding. After exposing their DELIBERATE FALSIFICATION OF FINANCIALS, NBK have realized they cannot hide anymore and that Re-Statement is their only remaining hope.

  • KSH 240 Million stolen by WILFRED MUSAU & HASSAN MOHAMED (Rights Issue Heist)
  • KSH 1.4 Billion Swindled by REUBEN KOECH & JOSEPH KERRING in the Systems Upgrade Heist (The Heist)
  • KSH 340 Million stolen through an Insider Hacking by Senior Management as exposed by El Presidente Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi (NBK Management steals 340 Million)
  • Stinking Corporate & Islamic Loan portfolio that must be written off up to KSH 5 Billion. We will come back to this list immediately after NBK releases the 2017 Full Year Financials. At the MOMENT WE ARE WATCHING AND ADOPTING A WAIT and see approach. Let’s see how far Patrick Njoroge is willing to entertain criminal activities.

However, one NBK CUSTOMER which was mentioned in Court Papers in a Mombasa Law court is one of the FRAUDS why the restatement is necessary.

In the Judgement of the Case Number 824/2016 by JUDGE JAMES RIKA in the Employment and Labour Relations Court at Mombasa, the Claimant states categorically that one of the reasons he was dismissed was because of a customer called Rising Star Commodities Ltd. According to other Documents from Company registrar, this company is owned by the Mombasa Tycoon, one ALI PUNJANI. ALI PUNJANI was once accused by US government for Terrorism and Drug Trafficking.

REUBEN KOECH (who sacked the claimant) introduced Ali Punjani’s company (Rising Star Commodities Limited) to NBK Indirectly PROMOTING TERRORISM FINANCING according to the US government claims.

REUBEN KOECH misled the bank on the market values of the security granted for the loan. The customer required KSH 3 Billion loan which he was given. After being given a bribe for KSH 18.5 Million by Ali Punjani, REUBEN KOECH asked the valuers to grant a valuation of KSH 3.5 Billion while the actual value of the security was only KSH 700 Million. This DECEPTION by the THIEF AGENT (Yours Truly Reuben Koech) is going to COST THE BANK KSH 2.3 BILLION OF LOSSES yet a junior staffer (EDWIN KIPCHUMBA) was the sacrificial lamb on an issue he had no idea about. Reuben Koech is currently Living a flashy life in Nairobi’s Westlands Area. To save Reuben Koech from taking Criminal Responsibility, FINACIAL RESTATEMENT IS NECESSARY.

Now tell me, if you are a criminal bank director and you have a friendly and cooperating Regulator, wouldn’t you do the same? You probably would hoodwink shareholders with Impunity through re-statement of financials. After All, the governor cannot frustrate his bribe tap.


Back to our thought process, Reports that have reached us have confirmed that NBK MD Wilfred Musau has many sexual harassment related scandals and more female staffers he has been harassing may start streaming to courts should Samantha’s Lawsuit yield some chums.

The corrupt Managing Director of the CANNIBALIZED FINANCIAL INSTITUTION, National Bank of Kenya, has been sued for Sexual Harassment in what may be a landmark case, sending shock-waves in corporate Nairobi, where the culture of SEX-FOR-JOBS IS WELL CULTIVATED.

In Kenya, many women are forced to spread their legs for career progression, leading to them occupying the most plum jobs in the country. Nearly all the women you see yapping how they are “geniuses” at their jobs, have had to dish out Pussy(Cat) to their bosses for job-security. They say “Curiosity Killed the CAT”, we confirm many such cats have been killed in the name of SEXPROMOTION.

And so for Wilfred Musau, it was just another day in the ranch, where he targeted a fast-rising lady, who only joined the bank in 2014, but somehow became a senior business development manager in 3 years. ASANTA SAMANTHA LUKU is the lady in question, who has lodged a case seeking restraining orders against both the bank, and the SEX-PEST WILFRED MUSAU, from victimizing her due to the case.

In a case filed on 19th of February by ONGOLA & WAMBOLA ADVOCATES in the Employment and Labour Courts, an injunction was issued against the bank and 2nd respondent (Yours Truly the Alligator, Wilfred Musau) from harming or intimidating the applicant (Samantha).

Basically, Mr. Wilfred Musau wanted pay-back in the form of SEXUAL INTIMACY from Samantha, before she could be confirmed to the new role in Business Development. This practice is normal in Nairobi as we’ve noted severally. The lady in question is like those #MeToo ACTIVISTS like LUPITA NYONGO who after achieving their objective of getting jobs, turned against their benefactor HARVEY WEINSTEIN because they SUDDENLY DEVELOPED A CONSCIENCE and were trying to GET RIGHT WITH GOD AND SELF.

While we sympathize with Wilfred Musau for being a victim of toxic-feminism, we can only hope HE CHOKES IN HIS OWN SALIVA, for being part of the male bosses in Nairobi, who have made sex to be a pre-condition for career progression.

Many CORPORATE HEADS have made this their MODUS OPERANDI. If you’re a corporate head promoting women in exchange for sex, just know that one day, they’ll come for you like Samantha is destroying Wilfred Musau. One day they’ll come for their dues. THERE’S NO FREE SEX WITH WOMEN.


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