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National Bank CEO, Wilfred Musau has earned himself the Dubious Distinction of Being the First Ever Bank CEO to be accused of Sexually harassing a female employee.

The Baganda People have a proverb: “ENAKU ZO’MUBBI ZIBA ANNA”, literally translated, a thief has only 40 days. This proverb is older than most of us with our only role restricted to seeing its applications. It therefore means, you can steal as many fruits as you want. You however need to be careful about the 40th fruit because they have proven to be elusive. Asanta Samantha Luku has proven to be the 40th fruit in Wilfred Musau’s life.

WILFRED MUSAU is used to EMPTYING HIS BALLS on Female Employees against ELUSIVE CAREER PROMOTIONAL PROMISES. Sometime in 2017, we did an expose about Wilfred Musau and Samantha Luku Dullu (Wilfred Musau Sexcapades). 

If you haven’t read, then READ OUR PREVIOUS EXPOSE ABOUT WILFRED MUSAU’S ALLIGATOR PERSONALITY and you will understand WHERE THIS RAPE ORDEAL STARTED. Wilfred Musau demanded to have sex with Samantha and when Samantha Refused, he physically assaulted her in public after previously attempting to have sex with her by force.

NATIONAL BANK BOARD HAVE TRIED TO KILL THIS CRIMINAL OFFENSE STORY as we have been made aware. In fact, when Samantha Reported the Issue to HR DIRECTOR RODGERS MUNGUMI, he categorically threatened her and ordered her to withdraw the letter or else face the wrath of the Board Chair (Corporate Fraudster Mohamed Hassan). When you see such things, you start wondering whether FIDA and Amnesty International exist only on paper or functionality. How dare an HR DIRECTOR THREATENS THE VICTIM OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT?


HR Director Rodgers Mungumi Threatens Samantha


In one of the emails, the HR Director is telling the victim and I quote: “You have an opportunity to defend yourself before the Board“. If Anything, the Sexual beast should be the one to be given an opportunity to clear his name. How can the victim be victimized further?


The Victim (Samantha) given an opportunity to defend herself


Physical Assault OB From Hardy Police


Nairobi Hospital P3 Medical Examination


Going by Samantha’s APPRAISAL RATINGS, she was a performer and did not require any sexual engagements in return of favors. HER PERFORMANCE COULD GET HER PROMOTIONS IN ANY COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT. And indeed it did when she emerged top in her interview only to learn later that agreeing to have SEX WITH WILFRED MUSAU WAS THE FINAL INTERVIEW.


To Understand why Samantha Luku do not have any survival chances, you can see for yourselves the managers who surround her.

  • Zipporah Maore has been a consistent sex bypass for Wilfred Musau since their days in KCB.
  • Cromwell Kedemi is the BORN AGAIN BULLY who was once suspended for banging a table. Recently, he gained grounds on matters of Promiscuity (Cromwell’s date with the Delilah).
  • Stephen Gathogo is a Wilfred Musau Sympathizer and was hired to approve and give a clean bill of health to Questionable Loans. ANNE NJOROGE MWANGI who was acting in the position was demoted for being stubborn on matters of questionable Islamic Loans.
  • Wilfred Musau is the Alligator Himself. The guy characterized with eating raw meat.


Wilfred Musau Proteges & Sex Dolls


According to the Rape Ordeal case against National Bank and its CEO, WILFRED MUSAU FORCED HIS HANDS INTO SAMANTHA LUKU’S PRIVATE PARTS denting her expensive panty in a situation he bragged to his boys as a Mafisi Yellow Pages experience. What is much annoying is the fact that he did all these in Public

We are aware NATIONAL BANK BOARD OF CRIMINALS (DIRECTORS) are meeting on Tuesday 13th February 2018 with the aim of INTIMIDATING SAMANTHA into withdrawal of the case. Coincidentally, BEATRICE GATHIRWA & LINNET MIREHANE are female Board members yet they allow women to be MOLESTED in the bank. KWANI WANAWAKE SIO BINADAMU? Hebu jiulize! Ingelikuwa dadako ama bintiwe, ungelipenda lifanyike hivo? Any misleading opinion suggesting that women are good for nothing Sexual Instruments should be unanimously dismissed. Mscheew

 Wilfred Musau’s 40 Women experience had to come to a halt when he met a hard working girl who was NOT WILLING TO TRADE HER HOLY FRUIT WITH FAVORS. Just like the Baganda’s Proverb which hints that thieves have only 40 days, it seems the same applies to Promiscuous men. Wilfred Musau had a successful sexual stint with the following Women whom he promoted. THESE ARE THE NIL BY BRAIN WOMEN WHO MUST DISH OUT SOMETHING SACRED TO GET A PROMOTION.

Zipporah Maore – Head Mortgages


Alice Nyokabi – Head Business Banking


Lydia Saina – Head Agribusiness


Susan Mbula – Strategic Personal Assistant to Musau



Question is, why can’t these ladies report Wilfred Musau? You got it right, they are direct beneficiaries of SEXPROMOTION. We are in possession of an Audio where Wilfred Musau was begging Samantha to Withdraw the case. In short, he is pleading guilty but at the wrong place. We will share the videos on Twitter. So make sure you Follow our Twitter handle as our videos can only be wived by those who follow us.

For your information, once an affidavit is sworn in a court of law, it stops being a private document but a public one. Anyone can get this document from the courts. NOW ENJOY THE AFFIDAVIT.


Musau vs Samantha


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