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If you were to ask TWITTER WARRIOR REINHARDT ASAMOH about Equity Bank, he will probably tell you that the bank has long been CHARACTERIZED WITH NUMEROUS ETHNIC PROFILING. Reinhardt Asamoh goes ahead to sensationally claim that, as a result of his second name, EQUITY BANK WRONGFULLY TERMINATED HIM from Employment. A claim that the RESPECTED BLOGGER ABRAHAM MUTAI describes as GIBBERISH.

Reinhardt Asamoh’s Claims on Equity Bank


While we know that REINHARDT ASAMOH won the Industrial case against Equity Bank, we also know that Industrial Court Judges’ decisions are reliably inclined towards Processes and Natural Justice. We will DISCOUNT the Industrial Court Judgement and use LOGICAL REASONING to either INCRIMINATE or VINDICATE Reinhardt Asamoh.

For those who interacted with Advanced Mathematics in Secondary School, you will agree with me that Calculus was never a walk in the park. In fact, Calculus classes were mostly engaged in PROVING MATHEMATICAL THEORIES. One common method of proof was called “PROOF BY CONTRADICTION”.

Under this method, one would PICK A PROPOSITION and assume that the OPPOSITE PROPOSITION IS TRUE. An attempt to prove the VALIDITY OF THE OPPOSITE PROPOSITION would LEAD TO A CONTRADICTION. In this case, we will be trying to prove the Validity Of Abraham Mutai’s Proposition with MR. STEPHEN MACHARIA KIRUMBA as the CASE STUDY.

Stephen Macharia Kirumba is a “NON-QUALIFIED” Individual who was recently made an Equity Branch Manager Of Garissa branch in a controversial promotion. STEPHEN MACHARIA KIRUMBA has a tainted record going by his day to day transactions. However, due to his deep seated connections with the Bank Management, he gets what he wants.

For those who do not know Garissa County, let me bring you up to speed. GARISSA COUNTY IS the HOME to HON ADEN DUALE, the Jubilee Party’s Money Launderer and one of the co-architects of NYS Scam. Garissa is a hot and risky County frequently experiencing terrorism activities and it is on this breath that we cannot understand why one incompetent employee can be favored at the expense of competent juniors. Any Form of hardship allowance/Leeway pointed towards any one employee must have a trickle-down effect, at least if Equity Bank was to pretend to be fair.

STEPHEN MACHARIA KIRUMBA is characterized as a fellow who likes pulling rank. Indeed he is the real boss who calls the shots in the Garissa Branch. And so we are told that one morning, Garissa customers were wondering whether one of their own will ever be promoted to a Nyeri Branch.

STEPHEN MACHARIA KIRUMBA is a womanizer and lives a HEAVILY FUNDED LIFESTYLE mostly with WOMEN FROM GARISSA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. Never mind he is a married man who is not worried at the wife’s growing appetite to male neighbors as a result of his absenteeism.

To fund his HUGGER-MUGGER LIFESTYLE and buy sex from the Garissa University College Girls, he has in the recent past been taking EAZZY LOANS, an EQUITY BANK PRODUCT which NO STAFF IS ALLOWED to take. Bank staff are only allowed to take facilities after getting clearance from the HR Department. Clearly, HR department is not involved in EAZZY LOANS. Why are Eazzy Loan products not subjected to the TRICKLE-DOWN EFFECT TO ALL STAFF MEMBERS? Was Reinhardt Asamoh right in his claims?

For purposes of eliminating doubt, we challenge Equity Bank HR Department to CONFIRM OR DENY the same from FINCORE’S CIF ID NUMBERS 54200355033 and 54300223704. How STEPHEN KIRUMBA’s ID number acquired these TWO CIF IDs remains a MYSTERY. Fincore is Equity Bank’s Risk Management System which only allows one unique CIF ID.

Stephen Kirumba’s Eazzy Loans gravy train


STEPHEN MACHARIA KIRUMBA has got many sources of questionable income. Anyone who has previously taken a loan through their employers (Otherwise known as Deduction at source) will agree with me that after clearing any loan from a financial institution, you are entitled to any refunds which may have been wrongly deducted by your employer.

In Garissa Branch, such funds are processed but do not end up in Ignorant customers’ accounts. STEPHEN MACHARIA KIRUMBA channels the funds to his girlfriend’s account either through Internal Transfers or RTGS (Real time gross settlement). For instance, on 19th November 2016, Stephen Kirumba Channeled funds to his GIRLFRIEND JULIAH NJOKI GITHIRI of account number 1090195649452.  JULIAH NJOKI GITHIRI is STEPHEN MACHARIA KIRUMBA’s slay-queen and works with Garissa County. This is just one example and proven by the below screenshot.


Deliberate Fraudulent Rooting of Funds Courtesy of Stephen Macharia Kirumba 


If you want to know this was a DELIBERATE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, you need to look at the first two lines. The first line strategically activates a dormant account on 14th November 2016. Five (5) days later, a transaction happens in the account followed by piecemeal but scheduled withdrawals through Equity Bank’s Mobile Money platform (Eazzy Money).

If you are reading this, then take it from me that DAILY LIFE EVENTS ARE RANDOM. If you see anything around you following a particular sequence, then the action must have been PREMEDITATED.

Assuming Equity Bank Garissa has 10,000 dormant accounts with the average fraudulent transaction passed being KSH 9,000. STEPHEN MACHARIA KIRUMBA can easily make KSH. 90 MILLION while seated in Garissa as the Branch Manager.

The question we will ask (and have always asked) is: While MONIES OVERCHARGED by employers and meant to be refunded to borrowers are being looted by Banking criminals like STEPHEN MACHARIA KIRUMBA, Where is COFEK (Consumer Federation of Kenya)? COFEK has DEGENERATED TO A GITHERI MEDIA HOUSE and instead of getting involved on consumer exploitation matters, they report news as if Kenyans are starving from News sources.

Kenyan brilliant fraudsters like JIMNA MBARU are known to lie low. This seems not to be the case with the new inductees to the Fraud Industry. STEPHEN MACHARIA KIRUMBA is known to parade his authority such that at one point, he ASKED A FORMER STAFF member to PRODUCE HIS MOTHER’S DEATH CERTIFICATE as a PROOF OF HIS EXTENDED COMPASSIONATE LEAVE DAYS which were only two (2) days. The said staff succumbed to the emotions associated with loss of loved ones and had to resign. We challenge Equity Bank’s HR to come out and deny this.

STEPHEN MACHARIA KIRUMBA is Equity Bank’s Management Weapon in the North Eastern region. In a Muslim region where lunch time prayers are mandatory, Eazzy Loan’s wheeler dealer (Stephen Kirumba) is known to frustrate religious acts to the extent that the traumatized Muslim staff have resigned in droves.

My readers and certainly my judges, you have seen for yourselves. We have tried to VALIDATE ABRAHAM MUTAI’S OPPOSITE PROPOSITION and all we are getting is A CONTRADICTION.  Despite these activities, STEPHEN MACHARIA KIRUMBA has not been SACKED unlike Reinhardt Asamoh who was sacked on flimsy grounds. REINHARDT ASAMOH HAS BEEN VINDICATED.



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