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Just when we were convinced that our Expose’s on Wilfred Musau’s Sex Scandals would be a DETERRENT to such Sexcapades and ACT as the SAVIOR FOR FUTURE MISBEHAVIOR, we got it all wrong. We discussed in detail the shortfalls of WORK-PLACE DALLIANCES but it seems our advice landed on deaf ears.

You remember in one of our previous series, we told you that CROMWELL KEDEMI was a BORN AGAIN BULLY who believes that the WORLD OWES HIM AN APOLOGY for being a beneficiary of the NGUMBARU-CURRICULUM. (Prev. Series)

The problem with KENYAN CHRISTIAN HOODLUMS is there MENTAL ORIENTATION. They BELIEVE that Every Pleasant Experience Is A PRODUCT OF PRAYING AND FASTING. According to CROMWELL KEDEMI, every good thing comes from the Lord. CROMWELL KEDEMI believes that after paying TITHE, he is not obliged to pay for any other source of happiness. What he forgot is that nothing good comes without a nagging responsibility.

It was one Wednesday Evening of the Month of January 2018. Cromwell discussed with the holy spirit and reached an agreement that it was a good time to engage a woman he has been sleeping with for free. After all, the bible allows 4,900 (70 x 70) repentance frequencies and from the look of things he had not exhausted the chances.

The woman’s name is Margaret Kamar. For purposes of eliminating confusion, this is not Biwott’s wife. At least, Cromwell is better than Jeff Koinange who was caught raping a Grandmother by CNN. Margaret is a younger and more promising young woman who loves money. Cromwell Kedemi is the Director for Retail & Premium Banking. Margaret Kamar is a relationship officer within the Premium Banking Division located on Nairobi’s Harambee Avenue.

January is globally known as a dark month characterized with brokenness. And so when Cromwell Kedemi approached Margaret Kamar for a re-match, she crafted a very clever plan of getting payment for her services, after all she was broke. She went ahead and asked Cromwell for a soft loan of KSH 100,000 as a precondition for harvesting her plantation.

Weighed down with the worldly pressures, the “man of god – Cromwell Kedemi” went and withdrew cash money and gave Margaret Kamar. Cromwell has a secrete account not known to the wife and this is where he does Luciferical Transactions.

The two “love birds” dashed to one of the Nairobi West guest houses to quench their thirst. Just Outside the designated guest house, our KOT DIGITAL REPORTER was watching. The two started conducting some rituals (inside the HEAVILY TINTED PRADO) which could be weakly described as a foreplay.

For those who have had creamy experiences inside cars, you probably understand how Watchmen go around looking for such people to extort. Ordinarily, watchmen would ask for huge sums of money threatening to report you to the police for indecent public exposure. Immediately Cromwell spotted the Watchman peeping inside his car, he decided to speed-off. Our KOT Digital Reporter managed to take these photos before they sped-off and disappeared from his sight.


Cromwell Kedemi just before speeding off to another Nairobi west hideout


Despite speeding-off and running away from the Watchman and eventually our KOT Digital reporter, Cromwell Kedemi did not know he still had a hurdle (Christian Mentality) to deal with. KOT would learn later that they went to a nearby guest house within Nairobi west.

Margaret Kamar seems to have known the person she was dealing with. While Cromwell Kedemi had gone to the Bathroom to freshen up before being served with a creamy dinner, Margaret was busy installing a camera in the hotel room. Margaret recorded the whole steamy session including the disgusting Christian moaning. Shindwee!.

As stupid as he could be, Cromwell started demanding the KSH 100,000 back because he had given it as a soft loan. His Christian instinct persuaded him to go and Report the Soft Loan Issue to the Human Resource Director. Ordinarily, Bank staff are required to live within their means and such action would attract disciplinary action. Cromwell’s position as a Director made him believe that he could kick the KSH 100,000 out of Margaret Kamar through a possible disciplinary session. Yaani, He wants to eat a whole STEAK without paying? Kweli ukistaajabu ya Musa, Utaona ya Phirauni.

When Margaret Kamar was summoned by the HR Director, she requested to have a small discussion with Veronica Rutou & Rodgers Mungumi in the boardroom. She ended up playing the whole Sex video to HR and now THE HUNTER HAS BECOME THE HUNTED. We are aware Rodgers Mungumi is trying to kill the story. Why is he trying to save Cromwell Kedemi whose stupid Christian belief misled him into reporting the issue to HR.


National Bank is run like a Kamba Village with no ideals whatsoever. Recently, One Criminal Director (Reuben Koech) crucified two boys because of their tribes. This was pure ethnic cleansing because In an institution where Fraud is the Job objective for directors, how can you dare mention performance on Junior Staff? In the Analysis of National Bank Cooked Financials by our BONOKO Accountant, NBK reported a reduced Loan portfolio from KSH 62 Billion to KSH 57 Billion, how is that a mistake of 2 junior individuals if not the Directors?



Sacked Reuben Koech Sacking People


If Munir was generously REWARDED for looting National Bank, why target people ethnically yet the whole bank did not perform?

Munir’s Generous Reward for Looting


WILLIAM RUTO is on Record RECALLING a group of NBK non-performing KALENJINS who were ALLEGEDLY SACKED on PERFORMANCE including the same KOECH who is now sacking people. Why should NBK FIRE Junior people because of their TRIBE yet the main CRIMINALS WHO HAVE DEFRAUDED THE BANK are still in National Bank?




Chris Marwa, Brother to Nelson Marwa Fired & Rescued by RUTO



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