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Siddharth Chatterjee: The United Nations Resident Conman. Behind him is the Kenyans-For-Kenya Scammer, Abbas Gullet.


Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi once asked a question: Is the United Nations Complicit In Kenya’s Electoral Fraud? (Nyakundi Asks


Instead of the UN Office answering this pertinent question which touches on violation of the United Nations Charter, the Resident Conman (SID) decided to push for punishment of the blogger through the Unschooled Kenya Police force (Also called the Government Assassination Squad). According to SID, punishment for bloggers exposing his unethical actions is the additional 18th United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal.


Our Expose is structured into four Parts:


The UN Charter was formulated just after the Second world war which left the world completely bruised. On October 1945, the Charter came into force. In fact, when you read the preamble of the UN Charter, as long as you are human and you have conscience, you are likely to shed a tear. It Reads:


  • To save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind (This is deep).
  • To reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small (This is deeper).
  • To establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained (Deepest for UN Members and Kenya is).
  • To promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom (Now drowning in tears).


History reminds us that The CARNAGE of the unprecedented World War II brought the world closest to the term “total warfare.” Between 1st September 1939 and 2nd September 1945, an average of 27,000 people (Both Soldiers & Civilians) were being killed DAILY until Japan formerly surrendered on 2nd September 1945. Out of the over 60 Million people who died during the WW2, 67% were civilians. Indeed Holocausts start when “small” things are left un-handled.

Immediately following the WW2, World leaders realized that there was need for Peaceful coexistence backed -with Respect for Human Rights and Justice. United Nations was then formed with the main purpose of ensuring that they can foresee and mitigate all possible causes of war.


It is however startling that while Kenya is currently in a deep crisis, United Nations Resident Coordinator (UNRC) & UNDP Resident Representative Siddharth Chatterjee (SID) is busy running Marathons along with the AMERICAN SLANDERER, Bob–the Evil–Godec.

Never mind that UN in Kenya is home to the global headquarters for UN Environment and UNHABITAT, as well as some cross-border and regional missions. UN Kenya is therefore one of the UN entities resident in Kenya but that’s beside the point. What is MOST IMPORTANT for Kenyans is how the UN mandate is being implemented.

SID was recently away in the United States supposedly “Selling Kenya”. Upon his return, his first tweet is some irresponsible self-aggrandizing marathon to feed his sycophancy and off-course build his criminal profile with the Luminaries from the Illegitimate Kenyan government.



But who is Siddharth Chatterjee (SID)? Going by his profile on his LinkedIn, he describes himself as the Grandeur Implementer of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and goes ahead to take credit of some of the efforts that existed long before he came to Kenya including Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) campaign.


What he is not telling the world is his true Profile:

1.) How he got the UNRC/RR Job:

SID is the Son-In-Law of Former United Nations Secretary General Bank Ki-Moon. United Nations’ employment criteria changed from COMPETENCE to Nepotism/Tribalism/Racism during the tenure of Ban Ki-Moon. You will notice that anytime you apply for jobs in the UN Portal, they will always present you with the fundamental question on whether you have your relatives working with the UN. While this was rightfully meant to be a deterrent to the human possibilities of Making United Nations a BEDROOM INSTITUTION, it ended up being an advantage when applying for Jobs, thanks to Ban Ki-Moon.


SID was trained as a Soldier in the Military School of India. Qualifications of joining the Military School of India was an Equivalent grade of Kenya’s D+ but most importantly Physique. The Kenyan Interpretation of a D+ is: A student good enough to be a Kenyan Police Officer with no obligation to think independently, evidently qualifying to be a member of the Government Assassination Squad. Is United Nations a place for people who are but academically retarded? Just Asking for the general public who might be considering applying for a position there.


Then after SID’s UN peace keeping stint in Kosovo as a soldier, he moved into the humanitarian/emergency spaces via UNICEF in Somalia and South Sudan.


SID would then realize that one cannot survive in the United Nations without bonafide qualifications. He went back to India’s National Defense Academy and begged them for an Undergraduate degree which he weakly describes as “Bachelor’s Degree In Sciences” going by his LinkedIn Profile. We all know that Bachelor In Sciences cannot be a course because Science is wide, especially when being administered by a Military School.


While SID worked with the United Nations from 1997 at Junior Levels (and rightfully so because his skill-set were perfectly befitting those levels), His Father In-Law Deliberately accelerated his internal growth despite having alternative wealthier pool of more qualified people.


When Ban Ki-Moon Realized he was almost hitting a dead end with his son in-law’s promotional spree, following a fiasco Iraq appointment, a ludicrous career acceleration in Copenhagen for UNOPS and amid growing internal hostility, he forced him to first take a sabbatical in a bit of a hurry. He shortly joined IFRC where he met the Kenyans-4-Kenya Scammer Abbas Gullet (Who we shall soon be exposing). Ban Ki-Moon then forced his son in-law to enroll for a Masters Class in Public Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School for Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. Here he Graduated in a record 1 year (From July 2010 to June 2011). Bonafide Scholars will agree with me that a proper Masters Class (Not Honorary Upper diploma type) will take between 2.5 years to 4 years to give room for an Outstanding Thesis/Project. Either Princeton University is a fake college or they admitted a fake student.


Towards the end of Ban Ki-Moon’s 10 year Tenure, he shamelessly made SID the UNFPA Representative to Kenya in 2014. Because Ban Ki-Moon had anticipated widespread dissatisfaction with this appointment, he hired a Columnist, Daniel Freedman with Forbes in December 2013 to sanitize SID pending the controversial appointment.


Just before Ban Ki-Moon’s exit in December 2016, He hurriedly made his son in-law (SID) the UNRC/RR in September 2016 against every ethical consideration one should take at the level of UNSG. You have to be a fool to believe that such TWIN COINCIDENCES (Exit of Ban Ki-Moon & Appointment of SID) happening within the same quarter of 2016 followed the NATURAL SELECTION PROCESS.


Indeed, when Ban Ki-Moon’s spokesperson was asked to reveal the selection criteria (including the names & qualifications of the other candidates) by Inter-Agency Advisory Panel, He refused. Now tell me, there is a reason UN Employees are referred to as Civil Servants, because they are employees of the member states and as a result, employment process cannot be Ban Ki-Moon’s Private affair.


Indeed Bank Ki-Moon’s interference saw SID quickly rise from a P-3 grade to a D-2 grade in an inhumanly short span. He had to make sure he did that before his (Ban Ki-Moon) exit as SID could not manouvre through a competitive selection process without his help.


2.) Crimes Against Humanity while in Sri-Lanka:

For a long time the world has been told that SID, as part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka (and specifically the 10th Para Special Force Commandos), was a war criminal. To try and wash his sins, he planted a stooge to act as his commander during the Peace-Keeping Mission. A well-compensated stooge by the name of Major Dalvir Singh would then go ahead and raid the internet with praises for SID.


What the stooge failed to tell the world in his article was that the same poorly trained 10th Para Commandos are the ones who attempted to raid Jaffna Peninsula University and after losing, they committed atrocities against civilians.

a.) They killed more than 60 patients and staff at the Jaffna Teaching & General Hospital in what has been widely termed as the “Massacre of Civilians”. The soldiers (Including SID) responsible for these were never prosecuted by the Indian Government.

b.) The 10th Para Commandos ran over civilians with Military tanks crushing them to death. This was an outright war crime committed by SID and the group yet the Indian Authorities declined to Prosecute the criminals.


Ordinarily United Nations would not extend employment offers to people they know for sure were involved in executing the very crimes they claim to fight against under their chatter unless at the point of employment, the information was never disclosed. For SID, his father in-law successfully managed to by-pass all the requirements, block his investigations by International Criminal Court (ICC) and mastermind his accelerated growth within the UN system.

 Is it then a shocker to anyone that the United Nations Office in Kenya has always been sympathetic to the Illegitimate regime whose leaders were accused by ICC for masterminding the 2007/08 Post Election Violence that left over 20,000 people killed, later to be misreported by government as 1,300?


3.) Beyond Zero Campaign Co-Extorter:

SID is always Boot-Licking Kenya’s Illegitimate regime Operatives to cement approval as the Resident Coordinator. If SID was confident of his achievements he wouldn’t be busy courting thieves especially given that UN employees do not report to any government. SID discovered a warm place in the arms of Amina Mohamed & Margaret Kenyatta.

 While the First Lady’s BEYOND-ZERO CAMPAIGN was a great initiative for the betterment of Maternal & Child Healthcare, Margaret Kenyatta (First Lady) used it as a vehicle to swindle Donor Money.

You will agree with me that if BEYOND ZERO CAMPAIGN was handled by true adherents to the United Nations’ SDGs, it was a very good initiative to fulfill Goal number 3 of the SDGs. The objective of the BEYOND ZERO CAMPAIGN was to provide free but quality prenatal and postnatal medical treatment to women and children.

When SID was heading the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), he spent half of his time acting as a bodyguard to Kenya’s First lady. He used the other half of his time bragging about himself, authoring endless but useless Opinion Editorial for Huffing-Post & Pretending to care about Maternal Healthcare through the Beyond Zero Initiative.

 According to SID, it’s always about Strategic positioning rather than fulfillment of his United Nations objectives. To gain acceptance to Kenya’s Fraudulent President, SID brokered a prestigious award for the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta as UN Person of the year 2014.

The Beyond Zero Campaign was partially funded by the USAID through the Ministry of Health. When President Uhuru Kenyatta & his First Lady Looted more than KSH 5 Billion through their Family Members, USAID partially froze the aid they give annually for overall healthcare.

 Beyond Zero’s Maternal Healthcare Drive (which included PMTCT funds) was to be used as an avenue for swindling KSH 2.2 Billion (515M [PMTCT]+800M [Beyond Zero Mobile Clinics]+889M [Free-Maternity])

Never mind the so called Beyond Zero mobile clinics were never delivered and when the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Nicholas Muraguri (East African Heath Industry Scammer) was asked, he claimed that the containers were still at the port (1 year after importation) and the shipping company had not delivered the shipping documents to the Ministry.

You will agree with me that this was a pivotal deliverable for SID as an SDG vehicle. However, despite being the First Lady’s bodyguard in the Beyond Zero Campaign, he has never commented about the fraud which was precipitated by the State-House.

 Some of the obvious lies came up when it was noted by the auditors that most of the Container suppliers were prepaid before importation and when the state-house representative in the Ministry (Nicholas Muraguri) was asked, he categorically stated that they made the payments to act as bank securities for issuance of Letters of Credit which were required by the suppliers for importation. If the government was to provide cash security for all its suppliers, then there should be an annual schedule of all citizens (or household representative) supplying the government because financial muscle fails to be a prerequisite as a government supplier.

If SID was never a participant in the scam and as an independent United Nations Employee but more so the face of SDGs in Kenya, why did he refuse to comment about a well-orchestrated theft in the name of Maternal Healthcare? Instead, he partnered with Julie Gichuru to run Public Relations which were meant to sanitize the State-House. In the process, they intimidated all media houses that had reported the scam online to bring down the articles from their websites.

Julie Gichuru is a very blunt media weapon married to the family of James Gichuru and used by state-house to run PRs aimed at sanitizing statehouse sanctioned looting. James Gichuru is a post-colonial thief and when he was the CEO of Kenya Power, he swindled taxpayers through excessive electricity bills, built his own power transmission station in Naivasha and stashed some corruption proceeds in Jersey Island. KARMA would come crawling-back on him when the Jersey Island Authorities confiscated the corruption proceeds.

If I was the UNRC/RR and such con-artists were to be publicly identified as my best friends, I would resign from the post. According to SID, implementation of the United Nations’ SDGs ranks second to his bent business appetite.


4.) Complicity in the Fraudulent August 8th 2017 Elections:

Kenya Government contracted Two South Korean Companies, Good Beans Limited and Bosung Company to the tune of KSH 202 Million to develop and implement the Coffee value-chain which included establishment of a coffee processing plant (The SID Deal). Bosung Company is either directly or indirectly owned by Ban Ki-Ho who is Ban Ki-Moon’s brother. In short, SID procured a business opportunity for his family with the Kenya Government.

According to me, this business contract is similar to the non-aggression treaty between Hitler & the Soviet. I say so because, when Uhuru Kenyatta was busy importing Armored Vehicles (Much like Hitler’s Re-Arming of Germany) from China in the beginning of 2017 with the aim of beating down dissenting voices after a flawed Electoral Process, SID and the entire United Nations did not comment. Unfortunately, all the 27 UN Agencies are not allowed to make independent critical observations and everything must be edited by SID’s office.

The question that any United Nations Representative glued to the UN Charter ought to have asked and criticized was: “Why would a legitimate government sure of winning elections in a democratic manner buy weapons to beat down its own citizens?”


ICC Prison Break Convict on the loose Testing Weapons designed to kill its own citizens


The August Elections came to pass and were bungled as had been expected. Kenyans went to the Supreme court and the evidence presented in favor of rigging pointed to a deliberate subversion of the will of Kenyans.

 According to the evidence which was tabled in the Supreme Court by Kenyans, the electoral fraud involved:

a.) Stealing KSH 848 Million by EZRA CHILOBA meant for acquiring satellite phones. You will remember that the Chief Electoral Fraudster (CHILOBA) was once an employee with UNDP, a United Nations Agency directly under SID’s coordination radar. He would then release CHILOBA to go and commit electoral transgression with impunity.

b.) UNDP through its procurement unit colluded with a shady printing firm in Dubai (AlGhurair) to not only print additional ballot papers for rigging (which were staffed in SUGOI), but also contravene the very contract they were meant to operate within when they supplied ballot papers with SECURITY FEATURES not defined in the contract. Why didn’t UNDP’s Procurement unit push for the termination of the contract with Alghurair immediately for the breach of contractual terms? If UNDP was required by UN to account for the moneys, why didn’t they launch legal proceedings against Alghurair for contractual breach with the aim of paying for damages? All roads lead to complicity.

c.) Creation of fraudulent KIEMS back-end usernames which voted for 9,934 polling stations (Approximately 5.9 Million votes). This was forgery which is a criminal offense in Kenya. The Supreme Court Judges were oversupplied with death threats and could not hold the criminals responsible. The fact that they nullified elections was ground enough for UN officials to come out and rebuke the fraud.

d.) Bob Collymore (Safaricom CEO) who is a good friend to SID (The Resident Conman) ensured that the VPN Kits they were contracted to provide to IEBC for purposes of Electoral Results Transmission did not work. Buddies don’t bad-mouth each other you know. SID couldn’t speak about the role of Safaricom on electoral fraud.

e.) The French Firm OT Morpho was contracted to provide the Bio-metric platform for the Kenyan Elections but when they were ordered to Open there Servers by the Supreme Court, they chose to go against the Kenyan laws and to-date they refused.

But why did they refuse? UNDP-Kenya is a very corrupt institution and you can tell where Chiloba got his shameful corruption appetite.

SID is the Resident Representative of UNDP and one of the connected employees under him is one SHEILA NGATIA who is the daughter in-law to one of the OT Morpho cartel members who also happens to be the lawyer of the commander in chief of of this corrupt regime (You Got it right, Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia).

SHEILA NGATIA is the Assistant UNDPKenya Representative for Programs categorized as NOD (National Officer D), the HIGHEST RANK A NATIONAL STAFF can attain which means she is SECOND IN AUTHORITY to SID.

SHEILA NGATIA is known for cutting deals and while UNDPKenya Operations is under CATHERINE MASAKA (Zimbabwean), she operates under SHEILA’s instructions owing to her political connections

Indeed a few years back (before SID), there was MASSIVE AUDIT WHICH UNCOVERED NUMEROUS ILLEGALITIES in UNDPKenya and SHEILA was responsible for hiding procurement entries.

So when JAMES ORENGO was genuinely busy DEFENDING THE CONSTITUTION at the SUPREME COURT, FRED NGATIA & PAUL MUITE were advised by SHEILA that OT MORPHO staffers were a sleep and couldn’t open servers.The UNDPKenya CARTEL were under instructions from SID to ensure ELECTIONS WERE FREELY UNFAIR.

United Nations invested cash money in the Kenyan Elections and indeed paid OT Morpho half of the contractual costs. Why would a UNRC/RR fail to insist on accountability to ensure value for money on the UN Donor funds? Are we meant to believe that UN funds are free funds which are up for grabs with no accounting required on utilization?

At the minimum, SID was expected to insist on the opening of the servers to ascertain the true results.  It doesn’t make sense to invest money on a platform and then be less bothered about the authenticity of the results it churns out. It only shows United Nation Monies have no other use and never budgeted for.

To ensure OT Morpho’s electoral malpractices were hidden, CHILOBA (the UNDP Alumnus) was used as bait to drag his colleague (Chris Musando – ICT Manager) to his Killers. As the CEO, CHILOBA would go ahead and invite MUSANDO to the office at night only for Musando not to find him and on his way out he would encounter his killers. According to SID, the death of MUSANDO was a good thing provided it covered his UNDP corrupt deals.

After the Election was stolen (and as expected Kenyans were not going to accept outright fraud), Uhuru Kenyatta embarked on killing Opposition protesters who were dissenting against the fraud. His Armored Tanks were designed to be used anyway.

Uhuru Kenyatta Spanner boy (Fred Matiangi) killed over 200 opposition protesters using the police who also committed other crimes like rape. SID did not find an issue with this because after all, he was part of a group that RAPED AND KILLED CIVILIANS IN SRI-LANKA. Amazing!!!

Uhuru Kenyatta’s open extrajudicial terror on citizens left dozens dead including children shot/bludgeoned to death by the Police Assassination Squad.


Government Sponsored Genocide Program


UNRC/RR (SID) found this to be very normal and has never commented anything about it. United Nations Is Indeed an interestingly criminal institution.

While Uhuru Kenyatta was implementing his GENOCIDE PROGRAM on Kenyans after ELECTORAL INJUSTICE, SID and his friend JULIE GICHURU launched a well-funded ACCEPT-AND-MOVE-ON Peace Program.


Why would SID give a stamp of approval to Electoral Fraud and Extrajudicial Killings? Since when did Peace become a substitute for justice? Did United Nations Charter change? Do we really need United Nations in Kenya? If SID doesn’t care because he is a war criminal then he should be rest assured that as Kenyans WE DO CARE.



SID always brags about what the government is doing to achieve SDGs with the assistance of the UN. Well, let’s drill deeper into Siddharth Chatterjee’s day to day objectives (SDGs) and compare them with his accomplishments:

1.) Goal number 5 of the SDGs demands of the UNRC/RR to promotes gender equality. Surprisingly, SID has been silent on the constitutional crisis linked to the TWO THIRDS gender rule in Kenya. The crisis would have been a good opportunity for any UNRC who is glued to the SDGs and looking for a legacy. According to SID, primitive wealth accumulation is more appetizing than LEGACY.

2.) Goal number 16 of the SDGs talks about Peace, Justice & Building strong Institutions. Any stable minded individual will tell you that Strong Institutions is a Prerequisite for Justice which is in turn a prerequisite for Peace.

When IEBC commissioner who also works for the UN but in New York (Roselyn Akombe) and the Chairman expressed dissatisfaction with the same institution they were working for, United Nations was expected (Under the banner of strong institutions) to insist on the re-composition of IEBC before justice and finally peace could be achieved. SID, together with his friend, the USA ambassador chose to forget what their role entailed and instead went to bed with a dictatorial & Fraudulent regime.

Strong institutions also means Respect to the rule of law. Public Benefits Organization Act 2013 was enacted to provide a more enabling environment for NGOs, with clear criteria regarding NGOs’ registration, enhanced accountability, set timelines for processing applications, as well as tax incentives and benefits for organizations conducting “public benefit activities”. However, one Jubilee Operative (Fazul Mahamed, namesake & look-alike of Al-Qaida Terrorist Fazul Mohamed) staged contra-judicial actions against NGO’s which were regulated by the PBO Act. But wait, what did SID say? You got it right, he kept quite because he could not bite the hand that feeds him.

Currently, there is an ongoing crack-down on Opposition leaders where Court Orders are treated just like pieces of paper. The priority of the dictatorial regime is to inflict pain hoping that excessive pain on electorate will sanitize the illegitimacy. The UNRC/RR has been quite about this except for the fair-weather three paragraph statement recently issued by OHCHR (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights) on the rule of law, press freedom and human rights. UN body has nothing to say about the current lawlessness in Kenya save for THREE PARAGRAPHS?


OHCHR 3 Paragraph Statement


3.) Goal number 15 of SDGs talks about Life on Land. It specifically talks of preventing Alien Invasion. I choose to believe that Disaster preparedness falls under this category. However and as you may have noted, Kenya’s National Disaster Bill which seeks to have a well-equipped one-stop-shop disaster management center has been pending forever. While SID should be pushing for discussions around this with possible UN financing, he is busy pushing for personal wealth.

4.) Goal Number 3 talks about good health. In 2014, UNFPA identified the 15 worst counties shouldering the burden of poor Maternal & Child healthcare. Remember SID was the then representative. To date, we have not seen any progress in those areas apart from his annoying sound-bites and abetting the Beyond-Zero Scam.

Just recently, Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) had issues with mismanagement where lactating mothers were raped and assaulted and when they reported, KNH CEO asked the women to report their cases in the hospital suggestion boxes. SID claims to be a champion of women & girls yet he was convinced that KNH suggestion boxes were the optimal avenues to report rape cases.


                  Pure Sound-bites and no tangible results.


5.) Under SDG 11, SID selected Turkana and Marsabit counties as models for development assistance. Turkana was selected as a Pilot county not for any good reason but because it had prospects of Petroleum. The USA through UN thought they would take maximum advantage of Turkana oil while there (Turkana Oil) The partnerships have since seen no progress save for politicking around Turkana Oil.

6.) In 2015, the Moyale cross border programme MOU with Ethiopia was signed to invest in sustainable peace and development. Since 2015, no tangible progress can be reported, an indication that United Nations is an environment of self-aggrandizement by its leadership but no progress. Where does the Program moneys go? Paying salaries and corruption?

7.) Goal number 8 of the SDGs talks of employment creation. Coincidentally, SID goes around talking about his passion for the youth and how he is hurt when he sees the youth so helpless and hopeless. In a country where unemployment is at 56% and going up, I don’t understand the meaning of Goal Number 8. SID has never tried any employment creating initiative that is known. He rather spend his time with fat cats eating corruption money.



According to Siddharth Chatterjee, United Nations SDGs were designed to remain as power-point presentations in boardrooms. Look at the just concluded UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), which guides UN’s work with the government in development & humanitarian affairs.

Unless I am growing old, I have not seen any TANGIBLE changes to justify the billions spent by the United Nations in Kenya. With such a Corrupt United Nations Resident Conman who’s in bed with Kenya’s Illegitimate & corrupt regime, it is virtually impossible for the 27 UN agencies in Kenya to perform. He has given all 27 agencies a weak and bad name. But since they never speak against corruption (or they aren’t allowed to speak outside SID’s office), it will remain corruption business as usual and the new UNDAF round (2018-2022) will just be as shameful as Vision 2030 & SDG crap.

What value-add has the UN brought to the PEOPLE OF KENYA if at all the objective of the UNDAF is to support the GoK to meet its National Development Objectives? Bluntly speaking, the GoK can do WITHOUT the few million dollars injected here and there into various aspects of development. Why would the GoK care about the UN when it has billions it can loot through shady deals with the Chinese and others?

Botswana declined United Nation’s Assistance. And there are many other examples. I am starting to understand why. United Nations Export garbage and war criminals like SID to come and live fat cat lives because, they assume third world countries need neo-liberal saviors in the name of the United Nations.

When you listen to SID, you will start noticing that he is NOT DEEPER THAN A TEASPOON. Pretending to be a champion of women’s health & rights when in fact, it just makes him sound politically correct, connected and “progressive”. Besides praising the August 2017 Elections as having been free and fair, he has said NOTHING about the state of affairs in Kenya. As the UN Resident Coordinator, he should be concerned about ALL Kenyans and not just the regime’s asses he kisses.  He’d rather be concerned about the poor, helpless, voiceless women & girls whose plight he uses to shamefully build his profile.

United Nations is meant to be in countries to support development. Not to support illegitimate regimes & live fat-cat lives. UN-RC (SID) should provide regular and strategic advice to the donors (Godec and the Likes) to keep them from making the stupid blunders they have been making.

On Behalf of the UN Secretary General, UNRC is the direct voice of the UN mandate to the leadership of a country guiding them to respect the law, fair elections, etc.

UNRC (SID) should be the interlocutor with the balls to de-recommend the disbursal of funds when there are clear scandals around corruption like the MoH (Ministry of Health) scandal.

SID is as a fast-talking hustler, all talk & no tangible outputs just mdomo mingi, fraudulent regime compliant, demagogue whose only quality is writing endless self-praising Opinion Editorials with Huffingpost.

On performance fronts, SID has failed. Except for his partisan agenda to build his own profile and step on the heads of his fellow UN Agency Representatives (most of whom bear the D2 seniority level except for the RC mandate) as he claws his way to his next position.

All that SID likes doing is hanging out with the likes of Amina Mohamed, the First Lady and his UN Seniors flattering them and praising them. All for own dubious profile improvement and nothing to do with his UN fellow staff, the mandate or the people he purports to serve.

Should we say that Kenya’s chapter of United Nations is a criminal institution or is it that UN’s genuine objective has been killed by the demagogue at the helm of the organization? Do we really need the UN in Kenya?

Being a power-hungry, career diplomat demagogue who embodies NONE of the true ideals of the United Nations, Siddharth Chatterjee (SID) should stop hiding behind Diplomatic immunity and undergo a lifestyle audit to ascertain whether the properties he owns in high end areas like Runda & Ridgeways are worth the salary he is paid from the United Nations. We are convinced that his collusion with the corrupt Kenyan regime makes even the public UN servants not immune to corruption.

Siddharth Chatterjee (SID) should also tell us why he fraudulently used United Nation’s Resources to campaign for Amina Mohamed in Addis Ababa as she campaigned for AU Chair where she was terribly rejected.

SID should also give a detailed public report on how much was spent on the elections and the tangible outputs. We are aware the Donors used UNDP as a conduit (“Honest Broker”) for most of their elections funding as opposed to funding NGOs directly. I can almost swear that very little was accomplished.

Now tell me, if Siddharth Chatterjee is not advising or speaking about the rule of law, corruption, constitutionalism, etc, etc, etc….then he is most likely complicit and very corrupt just like his corrupt regime pals. This is why we demand a lifestyle audit.


Now to my readers and certainly the judges, is Siddharth Chatterjee a Resident Coordinator or a Resident Conman?

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