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Below are the actual server results which IEBC refused to give but NASA managed to get them. You should be able to download them but before that, here is A POEM BY THE CELEBRATED GENERAL HAMISI. [Disclaimer: The Views by General Hamisi are not necessarily our views]

0.) What does @RailaOdinga want? He’s playing gentleman with lawless people. He knew UHURUTO were going to steal elections and instead of Rigging on his strongholds, he left computers to do the job? Now we are not sure whether he will be sworn in.

1.) @UKenyatta has perfected lawlessness and it’s just prudent for @RailaOdinga to practice lawlessness for Kenya to have sanity in future. Lawlessness should meet Lawlessness. Uhuru will not kill everyone. RAILA Must be sworn in. Watu wameaanza kuzoeana vibaya

2.) @RailaOdinga the RATIO of police to citizens is 1:400. Clearly 400 citizens cannot wait to be killed by ONE policeman. The point is made, we must resist until you are sworn in.

 3.) @RailaOdinga the TERRORIST POLICE who were contracted to kill your supporters PREDOMINANTLY SHARE the SAME HISTORICAL ORIGIN with Nairobi killer boss JAPHETH KOOME. No policeman want to see dead brothers remember? Stay put to the swearing in.

 4.) @RailaOdinga remember Kenya was here before some breed of RED-EYED HOMOSEXUALS were born. Remember you have the authority from Kenyans to SNOOKER any homosexual from power following the successful elections boycott where only 3.5 million retards voted.

 5.) @RailaOdinga remember when SCOK nullified the August 8th 2017 FRAUD by UHURUTO, LAWFULNESS required the following corrections to be made before any elections could be conducted.

a.) According to CHEBUKATI, CHILOBA issued statements contradicting the Supreme Court Judgement in total disregard to the Chairman’s (CHEBUKATI) and IEBC’s position on the same. On the grounds of Insubordination in a government institution, CHILOBA deserved to be fired. This is because clearly, he was a biased referee.

b.) CHILOBA colluded with the Criminal French printing firm AL GHURAIR to not only print additional ballot papers for rigging, but also contravene the very contract they were meant to operate within when they supplied ballot papers with SECURITY FEATURES not defined in the contract. On this basis, CHILOBA was guilty of Gross-Misconduct and deserved to be FIRED. Having operated outside the contractual agreement, IEBC was legally expected to do the following with AL GHURAIR immediately after August 8th 2017:

i.) They were expected to have terminated the contract with AL GHURAIR immediately. Using the same criminal firm was a complete show of LAWLESSNESS.

ii.) If IEBC were not part of the scheme, they were expected to launch legal proceedings against AL GHURAIR for not operating within the contractual terms. Failure to do this only demonstrated that they were PARTNERS in the ILLEGALITIES.

iii.) There were legal expectations from IEBC to compel AL GHURAIR into REFUNDING ALL THE MONEY THEY RECEIVED FROM KENYA for the purpose of elections and pay additional equivalent some for damages arising from bungled elections. If they were Partners in elections criminal activities then there was no way they would demand money from themselves.

c.) CHILOBA colluded with MFI KENYA to SQUANDER HUGE SUMS OF MONEY which were to be used for purposes of SUPPLYING PRINTERS AND SCANNERS across the country. The fact that many polling stations could not scan but text for lack of scanners puts the responsibility directly on the CHILOBA as the Fraudster. Failure to Fire CHILOBA as the main criminal during the August 8th Electoral Fraud was a confirmation that IEBC was a referee and also a player.

In addition, MFI KENYA ought to have been sued for contravening a National Contract.

d.) CHILOBA pocketed KSH 848 Million which was meant for SATELLITE PHONES and conveniently developed a NARRATIVE for no network on 11,000 polling stations to justify Electoral Fraud. CHILOBA is guilty for stealing this colossal amount of money and should have been fired and charged for Theft of Taxpayers money let alone conducting another election.

e.) CHILOBA through MUHATI created a KIEMS username for CHEBUKATI without his knowledge and proceeded to use it to VOTE FOR 9,934 POLLING STATIONS in favor of UHURUTO. Let’s do the Math: every polling station had an average of 600 voters which means Chebukati voted for  5,960,400 voters all in favor of the TWIN FRAUDSTERS. This is an action of FORGERY and IMPERSONATION which is a criminal offense in Kenya. Using this USER and others like DAVIES KIPCHIRCHIR, CHILOBA started voting for Kenyans on 7th August 2017 even before the voting day. This is SUBVERSION of the people’s will equivalent to TREASON. CHILOBA, CHIRCHIR & CHEBUKATI should have been apprehended for such crimes before conducting any election.

f.) CHILOBA misled CHEBUKATI (though ignorance is never a defense) to announce presidential results when results from 10,366 polling stations had not been received through KIEMS which totaled to 4,636,556 votes (31% of total votes casted). Again this kind of DECEIT is unconstitutional and CHILOBA should have been in JAIL before any elections were conducted.

g.) CHILOBA instructed 595 polling stations not to send results on presidential elections. This was not acceptable in an expensive election like Kenya’s.

h.) CHILOBA used an un-designated server to transmit Forms 34Bs from the constituencies thereby allowing room for external Fraudsters like UHURUTO to punch in their numbers. This is electoral malpractice and on this basis CHILOBA and the entire IEBC Commissioners ought to have been jailed before any election was to be conducted.

i.) SAFARICOM has network across the country yet CHILOBA intentionally assigned TELKOM & AIRTEL areas where they did not have coverage for purposes of stealing elections in favour of the THIEVES and LOOTERS, UHURUTO.

j.) CHILOBA INVALIDATED identification of BVR by some voters going to millions and forced them to vote manually thereby creating an opportunity for UHURUTO to fix the ballot papers they marked in SUGOI under the pretense of DP’s home attack.

k.) CHILOBA Fraudulently set-up an ALGORITHM which gave an EQUAL NUMBER OF REJECTED votes to 682 polling stations. The same Algorithm voted for PRESIDENT, GOVERNORS AND MPS where the winner got a common percentage of 54% and the loser got 44%.

l.) CHILOBA intentionally switched of the KIEMS GPRS on 5th August 2017 well before the voting day. Clearly he attempted to make sure his MISCHIEF was UNTRACEABLE. Why did CHILOBA have to switch off the core Voting Platform?

6.) @RailaOdinga remember @CoalitionNASAKe‘s IRREDUCIBLE MINIMUMS were ANCHORED on SCOK ruling. The 26th October 2017 fraud happened without rectifications of the illegalities. Same SCOK UPHELD ANOTHER WORSE OFF FRAUD. IF COURTS ARE NOT LAWFUL, WHO ARE YOU TO BE?

7.) @RailaOdinga CONTEMPT OF COURT is punishable by law & even after punishment, the order must be enforced. @IEBCKenya refused to OPEN SERVERS BECAUSE YOU WON. SCOK FAILED TO PUNISH IEBC plus refusing to enforce their own order. IN A LAWLESS ENVIRONMENT, WHY DO YOU INSIST ON FOLLOWING ONE?

 8.) @RailaOdinga remember you cannot afford to REASON WITH THIEVES yet you WON AUGUST 8th 2017 ELECTIONS. October 26th 2017 successful boycott (the best thing you ever did) showed you actually won by 70%. THE TIME FOR LAWLESSNESS IS NOW.

 9.) @RailaOdinga remember when Uhuru Kenyatta through #SonkoTheChokoraa FERRIED 100 TONS OF HUMAN POOP from GATUNDU and DUMPED them on your @CoalitionNASAKe supporters while attending a rally in Jacaranda? That’s how Uhuru Kenyatta VIEWS YOUR 70% SUPPORTERS, kama MAVI. Where is the law here? 70% CAN’T BE A MINORITY.

 10.) @RailaOdinga remember even JESUS CHRIST (Son Of elusive God) found the SINS OF THIS WORLD TOO HEAVY & CONVENIENTLY RAN AWAY at the age of 33 leaving us with more sins. If he couldn’t save everyone, SEMBUSE WEWE? THE TIME FOR LAWLESSNESS IS NOW.

 11.) @RailaOdinga its unfortunate that in Kenya you have to swear by a story book called the bible. However, if the BIBLE IS TOO HEAVY FOR YOU to carry, some Christians will provide you with a lighter version (TORA) to swear you in. IT’S EITHER PROPER ELECTIONS OR YOU AS THE PRESIDENT.

 12.) @RailaOdinga your @CoalitionNASAKe supporters are LANGUISHING IN POVERTY DUE TO DELIBERATE SECTIONAL AWFUL GOVERNANCE. If it means sacrificing ourselves for the betterment of this country, as the youth we are WILLING TO CONFRONT THE BULLET.

 13.) @RailaOdinga remember that during @UKenyatta’s illegitimate swearing in on 28th November 2017, your 7 year old supporter (Geoffrey Mutinda) was murdered by Japheth Koome under the fake president’s direction.

Geoffrey Mutinda: The 7 year old murdered by Uhuru Kenyatta in the name of retaining power


14.) @RailaOdinga more than 100 of your @CoalitionNASAKe supporters were BUTCHERED by Uhuru Kenyatta, an illegitimate president you defeated in the August Elections.

15.) @RailaOdinga , people are LOOTING NATIONAL BANK with impunity yet you still imagine there is SANITY remaining? Wake up and start practicing impunity. (NBK Looted)

National Bank and its 4 Main thieves

16.) @RailaOdinga , people are LOOTING a CHURCH with impunity yet you still imagine there is GOD seated somewhere watching you? WAKE UP AND PRESENT YOUR ASS FOR SWEARING (Church Looting).

17.) @RailaOdinga must know that nothing comes without a fight. David had to Kill (Not Defeat) Goliath. There was no democracy then. He just had to kill Goliath. @UKenyatta will kill you if he has to. So just understand the game.

18.) @RailaOdinga remember this world is ruled by EVIL men and RIGHTEOUSNESS has no place on Earth. You do good you perish, you do bad you flourish. Can you present your ass to @CoalitionNASAKe leadership to be sworn in or we join @WilliamsRuto.

19.) @RailaOdinga your STUPID FATHER gave up power to JOMO because he thought there were rewards for being good? Jomo ended up killing his own people (Foolish Oginga Odinga)

20.) @RailaOdinga in 2007, there were merciless killings in this country purportedly perpetuated by UHURUTO. They killed all witnesses including your senior politicians and they got away with it. AMERICA Supported them Remember?

21.) @RailaOdinga even though I hate @WilliamsRuto for looting, killing & fucking around, if he was in your position, I can tell you he would have accepted to be sworn in even by LAW STUDENTS or even a Court Clerk. Forget about the Constitution and use Impunity.

22.) @RailaOdinga I will tell that the Kenya’s high priest of corruption @WilliamsRuto deserted you because he realized you were not willing to do what it takes to get power. You gave up power in 2007 because you want to be the GOOD GUY.

23.) @RailaOdinga no sane person hands over power and to get power you must be willing to SPILL RED MILK. @UKenyatta with assistance from @BobGodec decided to SACRIFICE YOUR SUPPORTERS. To get power you MUST STOP THINKING GODLY.

24.) @RailaOdinga you won in 2013 and gave up power to the Twin fools UHURuto. You had instruments of power and could easily rig yourself in. Because you think power comes through democracy & America deserted you for the THIEVES.

25.) @RailaOdinga remember UHURUTO successfully implemented there GENOCIDE PROGRAM in WESTERN KENYA, your bedrock. There must be something you can do.

Results of Uhuruto’s Genocide Program


26.) @RailaOdinga the fucked up constitution you claim to use allows for SECESSION. Your strongholds are ready for it yet you keep trying to be good. GOODNESS DOESN’T PAY UNDER THE SUN. ADOPT IMPUNITY and start pushing for SECESSION in public or be sworn in.


August 8th Results (Click to Download)

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He is a retired Military Police who was sacked from Embakasi Garrison for telling off a superior. He has since been in exile in Bungoma.

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