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National Bank and its 4 thieves


You remember we talked about the KSH. 1.4 billion being UNASHAMEDLY SWINDLED AND STASHED IN DUBAI ACCOUNTS by NATIONAL BANK RASCALS plotted by non-other than Corporate Director REUBEN KOECH, the Second most arrogant #MunirRemnant . The beneficiaries of the theft using systems upgrade as the platform were REUBEN KOECH, WILFRED MUSAU, HASSAN MOHAMED, JOSEPH KERING, ERASTUS MWONGERA and THOMAS GACHIE.

We are reliably informed that THOMAS GACHIE recently transitioned smoothly to RESOLUTION HEALTH as the Chief Operating Officer, where Nairobians expect him to Migrate his “Procurement Skills”. Thomas Gachie will be remembered as the first ever NBK employee to be Director ICT, Director Operations & Director Procurement at the same time. (We shall talk about his procurement skills in our future series so stay woke)


ERASTUS MWONGERA on the other hand is a Retired & Tired Old man who was given a KSH. 80 MILLION UNSECURED LOAN through a DECOY ACCOUNT CALLED SUDAFRIC LIMITED. He retired without paying this loan and it’s now earmarked for writing-off by the CROOKS of the Legal department under advice of WILFRED MUSAU. Lest you forget, Wilfred Musau employed the same style for KSH 2.5 Billion but hiding behind the Proverb “LEGACY ACCOUNTS” . What is shocking is the hidden reason why this was NOT DECLARED AS AN INSIDER LOAN as required by Central bank.


As we accurately predicted, the new banking system (Fusion Banking Essence) in itself has turned out to be a nightmare and is not responding enough to justify the KSH. 1.4 Billion RACKET.

Customers are closing accounts in droves and leaving the bank. But why?

  • Any money banked through the new system either disappears or reflect after two weeks.
  • Any Salaries paid through the new system also disappears or will reflect after over 2 weeks.

The situation has become more mysterious where, once customers bank there hard earned cash, they are resigned to crossing their fingers lest there moneys disappear forever inside the BERMUDA TRIANGLE that NATIONAL BANK has become.




Media Testimonies


And as accurately phrased by ROBERT KIYOSAKI that “WHEN PEOPLE ARE LAME, THEY LOVE TO BLAME”, the system dysfunctionality has turned to a blame game between ICT & Operations Directors. But who are these people?


The DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS goes by the name of PAUL MUREITHI. Paul Mureithi is a redundant old goon from KCB who spent over 27 years in KCB RESTING rather than getting a grip on banking and cannot comprehend advanced banking matters. To appear intelligent, he is currently doing an online PHD as if that means anything. Anyone pursuing Online education should be viewed as an academic Imposter.


Paul Mureithi: Online PHD Student & Wilfred Musau’s Password

The DIRECTOR OF ICT goes by the name of ANDREW KIMANI. Andrew Kimani’s qualifications were cooked to fit requirements which led to him being SMUGGLED into NBK. In essence, Andrew Kimani had never worked in ICT and instead was in operations both in KCB and HFC. He is also said to be always on sick-leave and the staff in ICT department suspect he suffers from early stages of prostrates.

Andrew Kimani: Operations fellow masquarading as ICT Guru & Musau’s password


For records, we do not have any problem with these directors. It’s everyone’s constitutional right to be DAFT or be a SHINING STAR and in this case, they are just WILFRED MUSAU’S PASSWORDS. Wilfred Musau DELIBERATELY STOCKPILED the DAFTEST “TALENT” from KCB. This was to enable him fulfill his fraudulent narratives with minimum suspicion having Reuben Koech as the THIEF AGENT for the project “Upgrade BFUB”. Otherwise how do you explain why a whole “ICT Director” was in a hurry to GO-LIVE on a system WITHOUT DOING  3 months consecutive DRY-RUNS (In ICT, it’s called User Acceptance Tests or UAT)?


And now as a result of WILFRED MUSAU’S CRAVING FOR FRAUD, the upgraded banking system scam has screwed him up just like he has been BANGING’ (queef-queef-queef) loose married women including LACTATING MOTHERS (Shame on you Wilfred Musau). Now that the SYSTEMS ARE ALMOST COMING HOME TO ROOST, Wilfred Musau has drafted a proposal for KSH. 195 MILLION TO THE INCOMPETENT BOARD for a THIRD SYSTEMS UPGRADE. As KOT, we will make noise because we WILL NOT ALLOW WILFRED MUSAU TO SWINDLE ANOTHER KSH. 195 Million. Why should TAXPAYER’S MONEYS BE WASTED AS A RESULT OF impossible appetite for fraud BY CRIMINAL DIRECTORS?


But where do Wilfred Musau get his LOOTING INSPIRATION? You got it right, it’s from the UNSCRUPULOUS BOARD MEMBERS who’s language is always; “HOW DO WE MAKE MONEY?”. It’s indeed surprising that BROTHER FRANCIS ATWOLI is a member of the same board yet he was once recorded on JEFF-KOINANGE’S BENCH saying that money is not made, IT’S EARNED. So what has changed?


 At the board level, those who are SWORN by the SERPENT to practice corruption and impunity to eternity are Mohamed Hassan (Chairman) & Joseph Kering (Non-Executive Director). Evidence of this is available in the following recent occurrences:

1.) JOSEPH KERING recently kicked out the previous Security firm and CONTRACTED HIS OWN COMPANY (Senaca EA Security) to provide security services for 10 years with SEVERE PENALTIES ON THE BANK in the event of a breach. In short, JOSEPH KERING has a 10 year RIVER OF FRESH MILK, signaling massive DISPLAY OF POLITICAL POWER.

Joseph Kering (Board Member) recently PARADED HIS POLITICAL MUSCLE on DIRECTOR CROMWELL KEDEMI. Cromwell Kedemi is the Retail Director who TOOK OVER FROM WILFRED MUSAU and BRAGS as the true bearer of “RAGS TO RICHES STORY”, but why? In one of his early morning meetings, he paused and thought it was the right time to squeeze in a TESTIMONY. Cromwell could then proceed to give a short but precise testimony which went like this:

My first employment was in KCB as a MESSENGER in the branch but could also volunteer to clean. One day, one of the bank tellers stashed KSH. 50,000 in the dust-bin with the intention of stealing it. I found the cash and took it to the branch manager and since branch managers those days were reporting to CEOs and were powerful, I was immediately employed as a teller. I then BRIDGED my FORM 4 CERTIFICATE and started evening classes for my undergraduate studies. And here I am currently studying my MBA. God opens doors in the most mysterious of ways”. Expecting an “AMEN” from the otherwise astonished & forced congregation, but instead got an ARMY OF ROLLING-EYES.

Cromwell Kedemi has been cultured as a BORN AGAIN BULLY and is famed for BANGING THE TABLE at the slightest provocation, perhaps thinking that table-banging can FILL the KSH. 2.5 BILLION HOLE created by Wilfred Musau through the SCANDALOUS WRITING OFF OF PERFORMING LOANS.

Cromwell Kedemi recently banged the table to one of the staff under him. This employee happened to be the RELATIVE OF JOSEPH KERING. Little did he know that he had touched a live wire and that God would not work mysteriously this time. Joseph Kering immediately sent Cromwell Kedemi to a 2 WEEKS SUSPENSION as he INVESTIGATED the EFFECTS of BANGING THE TABLE on his relative. What a conflict of interest? A classical example of a person who is the JUDGE, the JURY & the EXECUTIONER.

Cromwell Kedemi: The Born Again Bully


2.) Wilfred Musau, Hassan Mohamed & Joseph Kering were RECENTLY BRIBED by ALEXANDER FORBES and now they have monopolized the Pensions Services in National Bank. (We will talk about this in detail on our future series so stay woke.)


3.) Surprisingly, Wilfred Musau allegedly sent a whole customer list with Names, Accounts and Balances to a blogger. Why would a bank employee do that? Because he wants customers to be robbed or something? What do you expect when you send bloggers such information? You got it right, they share it and we wont be surprised when the blogger start sharing the list on social media soon.


Wilfred Musau’s Email to bloggers


Just recently, these National bank Rascals led by Wilfred Musau DIVERTED KSH. 240 Million to their pockets in the Rights Issue Theft.

Wilfred Musau, Hassan Mohamed, Reuben Koech and Joseph Kering are determined to EXHAUST EVERYTHING IN THE BOOK OF TRICKS. Only if they were reading better books, National bank would be a better place. Since CBK are in bed with them, we regret there birth. Had there parents engage in protected sex, Kenyans wouldn’t be having such masses of fraudulent hormones to deal with.





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