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Frank Ireri: The Proprietor of Criminal Activities in HFC


BRITAM owns HOUSING FINANCE GROUP (HFG) and this is public information from a publicly listed company.

When DANDE (the owner of CYTON Investments), ARMED with a pencil and pen stole from BRITAM through an over-valuation of Investment Instruments, the STUDENTS FROM BRITAM SCHOOL OF THIEVES (Benson Wairegi, Peter Munga the thief, James Mwangi) were up in arms and even managed to arraign DANDE in court.

But now, and as per the court documents filed as an affidavit by the former Director of Credit (KEVIN MULE ISIKA), LARGER THAN LIFE atrocities have been committed in HF Group including:

  • Irregular and Excessive INSIDER LENDING to Relatives by non other than Frank Ireri.
  • Outright immoral CRONIES LENDING including UNSECURED loans to KCB GROUP CEO Joshua Oigara to the tune of KSH 400 Million.
  • A juggernaut of DECOMPOSING AND STINKING LOAN BOOK exhibiting up to 50% NPL (Non-Performing Loans), something which ought not to be entertained by the MORIBUND REGULATOR, His Highness the MASTURBATING OPUS DEI. (We shall revisit this in detail through proper analysis of the court documents which are at our disposal, so stay woke)

The age mates to Opus Dei are worried his masturbation may get to CHRONIC LEVELS and even threatening to UPROOT the very organ he promised God not to use in a woman. They suspect he is REGRETTING his youthful decision TO EXERCISE CELIBACY.

  • Outright Fraudulent Actions including PROCURING A CORE BANKING system for a DISTURBING KSH 2 Billion (We shall revisit in detail).
  • Outright monitoring deficiencies where fraudulent staff could agree with fraudulent customers to share the shareholder’s loan interest earnings. This is how the scheme worked:

Customers would be given loan agreements with X% interest rate say 18%. The colluding staff mentioned on court papers would then amend in the system and have it at say 9%. The customer would then be granted a verbal instruction to be remitting repayments equivalent to 14%. For the client it’s a win-win & Godsend opportunity. The 9% would be taken to the revenue accounts while the 5% would be left on the Escrow account where STUDENTS FROM BRITAM SCHOOL OF THIEVES would disappear with it.” 

Kevin Isika captures this on his affidavit as Interest rate differential and even mentions the name of the key operator.

Central Bank (CBK) personnel are supposed to be auditing Bank systems every year and the fact that the problem has been there for God knows how many years, it can only be that they Employ Incompetent nincompoops or they are compromised just like the case of Imperial Bank.

  • Outright Breach of the regulators acceptable minimums including Single Borrower Limits, Wanton Breaching of Liquidity Ratios, etc.

If DANDE could be charged for a technical crime of Over-valuation (Effectively taking off with the difference between the over-valued instruments and the actual values), SEMBUSE FRANK IRERI?

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