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The Satanic DUO (UHURUTO) have pending ECONOMIC CRIME TRANSACTIONS including buying NATIONAL BANK, MUMIAS SUGAR COMPANY & SOME COASTAL MILLERS. That’s why it’s a DO or DIE for them in the 2017 Elections to an extent that they DEPLOYED FORMULAS to vote on our behalf.

Some of the companies earmarked for GRABBING by the TWIN LOOTERS


UHURUTO have looted this country endlessly to it’s knees & we can only mention but a few:

1.) NYS Scandal – KShs 2 Billion
2.) Eurobond Scandal​ – KShs 200 Billion
3.) SGR Scandal – KShs 350 Billion
4.) Youth Fund Scandal – KShs 0.5 Billion
5.) Laptop Project Scandal – KShs 53 Billion.
6.) Irregular Lamu Coal Project Scandal – KShs 475 Billion.
7.) Medical Equipment Leasing Scandal – KShs 38 Billion.
8.) Safaricom CCTV Scandal – KShs 15 Billion.
9.) Hustlers Jet Scandal – KShs 100 Million.
10.) Uhuru Angloleasing payout Scandal – KShs 3 Billion.
11.) Forced Digital Migration Scandal – KShs 55 Billion.
12.) Galana Irrigation Scheme Scandal – KShs 4 Billion.
13.) 2017 Elections Scandal – KShs 30 Billion.

These are just but a few. Remember these funds were taken as loans but the work they did cannot be seen.

For Instance, TWO RIVERS had a total cost of KSH 18 Billion and everyone in Kenya knew when the construction was happening. It was the talk of the Town.

Then how come we did not feel the KSH 4.2 TRILLION BORROWED by UHURUTO? It’s simple, the money never came to Kenya and CBK governor knows no money came.

These funds have been stolen by UHURUTO and are kept in Chinese Banks.

It’s important that RUTO acquires NBK when the share price is at the lowest thus buying it at a throw-away price. NBK is supposed to help him LAUNDER the Money they have looted back to the country in the PRETEXT of OFFSHORE INVESTORS buying the bank. If another government is in place & especially a RAILA Odinga government, this will be very difficult.

The SUGAR INDUSTRY has always been a CASH COW to the CARTELS involved.
It’s important for RUTO to acquire MUMIAS SUGAR COMPANY while at the same time Killing all the other competitors (like Uhuru did with MILK INDUSTRY).

Under MUMIAS, RUTO plans to be IMPORTING cheap sugar from Middle East, package it as MUMIAS and completely KILLING LOCAL FARMERS while making an IMPOSSIBLE kill.
Again with a LEGIT GOVERNMENT, this Economic crime won’t be possible to EXECUTE.

MAIZE is Kenyas STAPLE FOOD followed closely by WHEAT. The biting Maize shortage was just an example of a RUTO MARKET TEST.

RUTO wants to take over the MILLING INDUSTRY and VIMAL SHAH of BIDCO has been tasked to deliver that. 

RUTO plans to MONOPOLIZE the MILLING INDUSTRY then start importing cheap maize and wheat with the result being a THUNDEROUS KILL profit while at the same time KILLING LOCAL FARMERS and sending them to OBLIVION if not the GRAVE.

Again, no legit government by the people will allow this.

Unfortunately, Sellouts like ABABU NAMWAMBA, CHILOBA, Judge OJWANG, CHEBUKATI, LUSAKA, TUJU and WAMALWA among many other RETARDS are just but FOOTNOTES in the whole game and are simply being used as tools of trade.

Unfortunately, the whole KALENJIN COMMUNITY is being used as a TRADE INSTRUMENT with no view at all about the future they are staring at.

For UHURUTO, they rather KILL (like they have already been doing) than to have anyone stand between them and the PENDING ECONOMIC CRIMES.


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