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SAFARICOM LIMITED is the MOST PROFITABLE company in Kenya thanks to KENYAN CONSUMERS. Let’s Analyze the moneys Safaricom has EXTORTED From Kenyans.


Table of what Safaricom has Extorted from Kenyans



Despite this privilege given to Safaricom by the CITIZEN’S CONSUMER POWER, they have continued to BULLSHIT the same citizens.

Safaricom currently earns an AVERAGE of KSH. 7,693 PER SUBSCRIBER per annum, up from KSH. 5,999 in 2008 signifying a 30% SUBSCRIBER LOYALTY GROWTH which they take for granted given no attempts to reduce the rates.

Safaricom has had over 250% growth on the TOPLINE SALES NUMBER from KSH. 61 Billion in 2008 to KSH. 215 Billion in 2007 thanks to the Loyal and expanding subscriber base by 18 Million (From 10 to 28 Million). Safaricom however continues to take this for granted despite the DWINDLING Purchasing Power of the Kenyan consumer thanks to the TWIN LOOTERS (UHURUTO).

Safaricom has experienced GROWTH in all REVENUE DIVISIONS in the past 10 years as you can see for yourselves. However, Safaricom still takes this for granted:

Safaricom Revenue Growth Division-wise

1.) VOICE SERVICE grew aggressively from the initial years but currently heading to a plateau, a phenomenon which can be blamed either on MARKET EXHAUSTION or INADEQUACY OF MANAGEMENT STRATEGY. The latter being the most probable given the alternative growth of corruption appetite within the institution.

2.) MPESA & MOBILE DATA Services have continued to grow steadily and expected to grow as continued financial penetration is experienced in the country.

Apart from EXTORTING the very population that forms the FABRIC OF ITS SURVIVAL, Safaricom has continuously participated in the following VICES:

1.) Safaricom has PARTNERED WITH CROOKS in the name of GAMING/BETTING Companies to extort the youth who are unemployed in the first place. Safaricom has encouraged primitive wealth accumulation by these crooks through giving them the SATANIC GAMING PLATFORM at the expense of our youth. This is taking advantage of the youth who are facing the problem of unemployment in the first place.
No sane government can entertain GABLING AS THE MAIN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY for the youth. Gaming removes the element of CREATIVITY from the youth which is bad for future economic development.

2.) Safaricom has been used by GOVERNMENT INTELLIGENCE FELONS (NSIS) [by virtue of the 35% GoK shareholding]. Safaricom, in total Contravention Of The Law has given access to private Cell-phone information to NIS and CID which have led to various harassments and eliminations.

For Instance,
– MSANDO was killed, where is the evidence of killers.

– LORD MUTAI, CYPRIAN NYAKUNDI & ROBERT ALAI were arrested with the help of Safaricom dishing out there private information to CID.

– Safaricom recently became the LAW unto themselves and circulated CALL-LOGS of JUDGE LENAOLA in Social media. This is the highest PEAK OF IMPUNITY.

– Safaricom Fraudulently obtained a KSH. 15 Billion Contract for the Nairobi CCTV but DELIVERED GIBBERISH. The equipment supplied by Safaricom cannot IDENTIFY CRIMINALS ON A SUNNY DAY. As such, Killers of Msando, JACOB JUMA and many more have not been apprehended.

– Safaricom was given a contract by IEBC (the other CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE) as a network provider specifically to provide VPN network to facilitate the transmission of Electoral results. None of the Kits under Safaricom network ever got there results transmitted into KIEMS which is an act of DELIBERATE RIGGING and RESULTS MANIPULATION.
Safaricom’s Bob Collymore deployed specific corrupt and FRAUDULENT EXECUTIVES (6 of them) to ensure that Free, Fair, Credible and Verifiable Election was to REMAIN A MIRAGE. Indeed they managed to subvert the will of the very people who gave them the financial strength.
By failing to transmit the results, Safaricom contributed to the failure by IEBC to meet the constitutional threshold thus effectively bundling an election that COSTED TAXPAYERS KSH 50 BILLION. Kenyans are dying from HUNGER AND LACK OF MEDICATION yet Safaricom can intentionally participate in the loss of KSH 50 Billion let alone the previous scandals they have engaged in.

3.) The CONNIVING SAFARICOM EXECUTIVES have DECEPTIVELY ACCELERATED DEPRECIATION of assets thus pocketing tax benefits. Safaricom MASTS are designed to exist for over 50 years with minimal regular maintenance. The executives use the non-cash item called depreciation to wrongfully and INDIVIDUALLY GAIN from the RESIDUAL VALUES of Safaricom assets arising from accelerated depreciation. As you can see above, depreciation totals to billions of shillings every year.

4.) Safaricom makes Billions of shillings after tax but the money is not transferred to the REAL RETAINED EARNINGS. If you ask Safaricom where the over KSH. 100 Billion Retained earnings are sitting today, they will be HARD PRESSED to explain and would rather BRIBE KPMG to cover than to explain (Just like IEBC would rather be guilty of CONTEMPT of Court Order THAN OPEN SERVERS). Safaricom Assets have not grown out of NEW ACQUISITIONS but as a result of REVALUATIONS thus the inability to explain where the Retained earnings sit. For instance, in 2016 the Retained Earnings was KSH. 82B which reduced to KSH. 64B in 2017 yet Safaricom never made any loss.

5.) Safaricom is cash rich and should not be obtaining loans from banks since their LIABILITIES are ADEQUATELY FUNDED by the cash they EXTORT from Kenyans. The loans are designed to COVER THE CORRUPTION DEALS by the executives.
More so why would Safaricom BORROW in FOREIGN CURRENCY giving rise to Forex Losses? Safaricom operates in Kenya and receivables are overwhelmingly in Kenya shillings. Forex Loans are advices from KPMG to HIDE ECONOMIC CRIMES.

As Safaricom was participating in the Electoral Fraud just like their executives have been carrying Fraudulent transactions, they forgot the THEORY OF CONSUMER POWER.

In a MARKET WITH ALTERNATIVES, Customer loyalty should never be taken for granted but treated as a favor. In the Business industry (which Safaricom Belongs to), the SLOGAN “CUSTOMER IS KING” or “DER KUNDE IST KÖNIG” passes as a household motto reverberating across continents. So the question should be: HOW DO YOU TREAT THE KING?

CONSUMER POWER is derived from FOUR sources:

Demand-based power resides in the aggregated impact of consumption and purchase behaviors. Demand-based power is limited to purchase or boycott. The option to boycott represents a salient, classic statement of demand-based power, signaling dissatisfaction but providing little or no actionable feedback to guide marketer responses.

Information-based power is grounded on the ability to consume and access content information which reduce product asymmetry leading to improved choice options.

Network-based power centers on the metamorphosis of content through networks like twitter. The strength and number of social connections on ones’ network substantially increases the ability to share and influence others.

Crowd-based power resides in the ability to pool, mobilize, and structure resources in ways that benefit both the individuals and the groups.
As the ultimate illustration of consumer power, crowd-based power reflects a deliberate aggregation of all preceding power bases (demand-, information-, and network-based power) to align power in the best interests of both individuals and larger groups, such as virtual communities.
Crowd-based power amplifies demand-based power through communal buying or collective expression of needs or dissatisfaction.
It amplifies information-based power through standardization, centralization and provision of easy access for content consumption (hard infrastructure characteristics)

Safaricom has TAKEN FOR GRANTED and treated the KING so badly to the extent of even PARTICIPATING in a POLL RIGGING SYNDICATE. Definitely SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE and as the Electorate, it is our role to INVOKE ALL THE FOUR SOURCES OF CONSUMER POWER. Safaricom Revenue composition is currently as attached: 


Safaricom Revenue Composition

1.) By SHIFTING VOICE BUSINESS to other providers like AIRTEL, TELKOM and even internet calling (which are cheaper than Safaricom), we will have REDUCED SAFARICOM’S REVENUE BY AT LEAST 30%. Please force yourself to understand that NASA strongholds unlike JUBILEE strongholds are away from Nairobi and as a result physical visiting is regularly impossible making voice calling the main option.

2.) By shifting MPESA BUSINESS to the CHEAPER AIRTEL MONEY, we will have REDUCED SAFARICOM’S REVENUES BY AT LEAST ANOTHER 20%. Jubilee supporters are the CORRUPTION KINGS AND MONEY LAUNDERERS in this country and do NOT TRANSACT ON ELECTRONIC CHANNELS (for fear of being caught) but rather CARRY THEIR MONEYS ON SACKS leaving NASA supporters as the main users of MPESA platform. Invoking this consumer power on Safaricom will be FAR-REACHING.
For the elite, banks now have the PESALINK which is in itself not only real time but also cheaper than Safaricom channels.

3.) By invoking consumer powers and effectively transferring loyalty to other providers, we will have reduced Safaricom’s DATA REVENUES BY AT LEAST 10% in addition to CURTAILING the overly potential FUTURE GROWTH. ZUKU has RELIABLE AND AFFORDABLE FIXED DATA with their COMPETITIVE EDGE BEING TV CHANNELS, something Safaricom doesn’t have.
AIRTEL’S MOBILE DATA is also cheaper than that of the thieves (say Safaricom) thus Safaricom’s death will POSE NO VACUUM.

4.) By transferring the MESSAGING BUSINESS to other providers like AIRTEL AND WHATSUP among others, we will have reduced Safaricom’s revenues by 8%.

5.) By stopping to use SAFARICOM’S HANDSETS, we will have not only reduced their revenues but LIBERATE THE USERS from the BACKWARD & COLONIAL SINGLE SIM-CARD PRINCIPLE.

In the long run, Safaricom’s REVENUES WILL BE REDUCED BY OVER 70%. Safaricom’s PEOPLE DRIVEN FINANCIAL MUSCLE has made them arrogant, corrupt and now COMMITTING TREASON ON KENYANS with there CEO leading from the front.


Bob Collymore: The wheeler Dealer Guyanese Safaricom CEO



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