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Major (Rtd) Michael arap Langat: The Kenyan superhero who was defrauded by NBK

We just read on how National Bank of Kenya Colluded with Auctioneers To Sell Investor’s Prime Land (A retired senior military officer is crying out for justice ).

We find This to be CRIMINAL in it’s ENTIRETY:

1) The bank breached contractual obligation 4 ADDITIONALLY FUNDING to make the farm productive & income generating. It’s a farm so where did they want him to get money from for loan repayments? They didn’t have to come in in the first place. Why start a journey you are not willing to conclude?

2) The BANK and the AUCTIONEER never gave legal notices to sell. I hope it’s not a case where he didn’t check the postal address which he gave to the bank? This then QUALIFIED as a CONSPIRACY.

3) At 372,000 per acre 13 years back, we can only assume the land appreciated to about 1,000,000. So selling it at less than 10% of the value is not only ILLEGAL but VINDICTIVE & with CONSPIRATORIAL INTENT.

4) GOVERNOR SONKO Used to be the NAIROBI METROPOLIS (Nairobi, Machakos, Thika & Kajiado) LAND THIEF. Now that he is the governor, I believe he will REGAIN his CONSCIENCE & should be approached.

5) Finally, with these OBVIOUS ILLEGALITIES & the notably arising JUDICIAL INDEPENDENCE, I think the bank must be held accountable. They must pay back this Moi Government Misserable Ex-Soldier.



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