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By The Star Reporter on 7th September 2017.

CHILOBA: A 40 year old Criminal who stole KSH 898 Million meant for Overpriced IEBC Satellite phones.

CHILOBA and CHEBUKATI have hatched a new plot to rig the Oct 17 2017 election in favour of Jubilee. This plot was hatched immediately after the Supreme Court nullified the election of Uhuru Kenyatta on Sept 1 2017.

Operatives at State House led by Jomo Gecaga who is Uhuru’s nephew are at the centre of the plot. According to impeccable sources inside IEBC, Chiloba has assembled a team of over 800 hirelings to fill in forged Form 34As and Form 34Bs at the home of a top Jubilee operative in Runda. This is to ensure that there is consistency in the data to avoid the huge embarrassment caused to IEBC after glaring data errors were unearthed in the NASA petition hearing at the Supreme Court.

This was because the IEBC forgers had worked under extreme pressure to have the forms 34A and 34B delivered in court as required by the Supreme Court Act amendment of 2017 that requires IEBC to submit all electoral forms for scrutiny during a presidential election results petition.

In the process, the forgers committed glaring errors and stupid mistakes in Form 34Bs e.g. giving Raila zero votes in Bondo, Muhoroni and Nyando constituencies which are all in his strongholds.

Chiloba and team are reportedly very relieved that they now have a whole 60 days to conduct a seamless rigging operation. The rigging team has been ordered to complete filling the fake forms 34As and 34Bs in 21 days. The fake forms have all the security features that NASA had contested against the forms they had scrutinized in the petition. Once filled, the forms will be uploaded into the IEBC portal once the polling stations results start trickling in.

Chiloba is also reportedly searching for an IT expert to insert a new algorithm into the IEBC server that will generate the results that will be present in the prefilled forms 34A and 34B. The new algorithm will display the same rigged results in the IEBC portal.

This new plot might explain the display of confidence that Jubilee mandarins have about winning the election with 70+1.


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