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Adventist sisters pray today like you have never.We shall represent you very well tomorrow.

Meanwhile the BALL is Rolling.They have started the BLAME GAME expect CONFESSIONS in the next few Days.

May the Lord send more ambushement to the camp of our enemies.

“My attention has been drawn into the blame game set in by the CHAIR. It’s absolutely ridiculous for the IEBC Chair, to come out publicly on a live teli, narrating to Kenyans how clean he’s with regards to the election malpractices pointed out by the Supreme Court.
He has swiftly moved to drop the HEAVY YOKE OF THE ELECTORAL ROT in my office. He claims that he only walked into the office barely 7 months to elections and that during the reconditioning of IEBC, the overhaul process did not extend to the secretariat which I currently head.

Now allow me to make myself clear: As far as my duty is concerned, I do not in any way whatsoever, related to any function(s) of coordinating the elections in this country. My role per se, is logistical in nature. I only ensure that all the election materials and equipment are available before the onset of poll. To this extent, according to my understanding, was done aptly and satisfactorily.

It is very absurd and inimical that after the elections were bungled by officers sitting in the office of the Chair, then someone ,who according to me, had exclusive powers to make things run as anticipated, blatantly come out in the open to censure my office. Let each and every person carry his or her own cross.

Yes, the cross appears heavy, but if it belongs to you single handedly, it is only fair not to drop it for someone else. I WILL NOT AND I REPEAT, WON’T ENTERTAIN SUCH NONSENSE.”


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