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Chebukati (Left): A Luhya Man who has refused to grow balls.
Chiloba (Right): A Criminal Luhya man who bungled elections


As per the letter to CHILOBA by the IEBC Chairman CHEBUKATI, below were variously highlighted.

1.) CHILOBA issued statements contradicting the Supreme Court Judgement in total disregard to the Chairman’s (CHEBUKATI) and IEBC’s position on the same. On the grounds of Insubordination in a government institution, CHILOBA deserved to be fired.

2.) CHILOBA colluded with the printing firm AL GHURAIR to not only blatantly print additional ballot papers for rigging, but also contravene the very contract they were meant to operate within when they supplied ballot papers with security features not defined in the contract. On this basis, CHILOBA is guilty of GROSS-MISCONDUCT and deserved to be fired. Having operated outside the contractual agreement, IEBC should have done the following with AL GHURAIR immediately after August 8th 2017:

  1. They should have terminated the contract with AL GHURAIR immediately.
  2. They should have launched legal proceedings against AL GHURAIR for not operating within the contractual terms.
  3. They should have asked AL GHURAIR to refundall the money they received from Kenya for the purpose of elections and pay additional equivalent some for damages arising from bungled elections.

3.) CHILOBA colluded with MFI Kenya to squandere huge sums of money which were to be used for purposes of supplying printers and scanners across the country. The fact that many polling stations could not scan but text for lack of scanners puts the responsibility directly on the Fraudulent CHILOBA.

In addition, MFI Kenya should have been sued for contravening a National Contract.

4.) Mr. CHILOBA pocketed KSH 848,000,000 which was meant for satellite phones and conveniently developed a NARRATIVE for no network on 11,000 polling stations to justify the theft. CHILOBA is guilty for stealing this colossal amount of money and should be jailed.

5.) Mr. CHILOBA through MUHATI created a KIEMS username for CHEBUKATI without his knowledge and proceeded to use it to vote for 9,934 polling stations in favor of UHURO. Lets do the Math: every polling station had an average of 600 voters which means Chebukati voted for  5,960,400 voters all in favor of the TWIN LOOTERS. This is an action of FORGERY and IMPERSONATION which is criminal. Using this USER and others like DAVIES KIPCHIRCHIR, CHILOBA started voting for Kenyans on 7th August even before the voting day. This is SUBVERSION of the people’s will equivalent to Treason. CHILOBA belongs to JAIL.

6.) Mr. CHILOBA misled CHEBUKATI (though ignorance is never defense) to announce presidential results when results from 10,366 polling stations had not been received through KIEMS which totaled to 4,636,556 votes (31% of total votes casted). Again this kind of DECEIT is unconstitutional and CHILOBA should have been in JAIL as we speak.

7.) CHILOBA instructed 595 polling stations not to send results on presidential elections. This is not acceptable in an expensive election like Kenyas.

8.) CHILOBA used an un-designated server to transmit Forms 34Bs from the constituencies thereby allowing room for external Fraudsters like UHURUTO to punch in their numbers. This is electoral malpractice and on this basis CHILOBA belongs to JAIL.

9.) SAFARICOM has network across the country yet CHILOBA intentionally assigned TELKOM & AIRTEL areas where they don’t have coverage for purposes of stealing elections in favour of the THIEVES and LOOTES, UHURUTO.

10.) CHILOBA invalidated identification of BVR by some voters going to millions and forced them to vote manually thereby creating an opportunity for UHURUTO to fix the ballot papers they marked in SUGOI under the pretense of DP’s home attack.

11.) CHILOBA Fraudulently set-up an Algorithm which gave an equal number of rejected votes to 682 polling stations. The same Algorithm voted for PRESIDENT, GOVERNORS AND MPS where the winner got a common percentage of 54% and the loser got 44%.

12.) CHILOBA intentionally switched of the KIEMS GPRS on 5th August well before the voting day. Clearly he attempted to make sure his MISCHIEF was UNTRACEABLE. Why should CHILOBA switch off the core Voting Platform?

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