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And so they say that ONCE A VILLAGER, ALWAYS A VILLAGER. As a result, you may vacate the village, but the village will never come out of you.


This may pass as a common reality but in my case, it has been different. I was born and brought up within the perimeters of a FILTHY AND POOR VILLAGE IN BUDALANGI, my name is GENERAL HAMISI TANGO 4.


And so one evening, as I was leaving our homestead (Boma) to take a wild walk, weighed down by mystery, something else was walking as well. As I extended my seemingly tired hands to shake those of whatever was walking, it ended up being an opportunity to visit my cousin in Nairobi’s Kangemi Shanty Town.


While at Kangemi, I joined one of the street fighting groups. These groups were non-violent groups but only fought for friendly competition. The aim of these groups were to grow their members to be professional and international competitors in the fields of Boxing, Karate and Taekwondo.


One weekend I was scheduled to have a match with the rival group leader, his stage-name was “STREET URCHIN”. His name was coined from the reasoning that he was previously a CHOKORAA but at that moment he was employed in one of the local restaurants as a DISH-WASHER.


And so the Saturday came and we started our MATCH. The STREET URCHIN who had gone through world-fires and had considerable life experience realized I was fighting very hard and with anger. He stopped and because he already gathered I was weighed down by the mysteries of this world, he told me the following: “Young Man, you’ve got a lot of energy and your fighting style is likely to hurt me, but instead of inspiring fear, it inspires curiosity. Just Know that life is stronger than death and for every life lost, new ones are born”.


We continued with the match and as I was throwing DEDICATED VILLAGE KICKS AND PUNCHES towards him, I realized he was not fighting but rather ducking my punches. He stopped me and initiated a conversation:


STREET URCHIN: Why are you in this fight/Match?

GENERAL HAMISI TANGO 4: I am fighting to kick ass and show dominance.


STREET URCHIN: You seem to be fighting from Ambition and pride but not from your soul!!

GENERAL HAMISI TANGO 4: Shīfu (Mandarin for Master), I am definitely ambitious and proudly hopes to be something in future!!


STREET URCHIN: Young man, you must know when it’s necessary to fight and when it’s not. When you find something so important that you can give your life for, then you must fight to protect it.


GENERAL HAMISI TANGO 4: Shīfu, So for how long are you going to be washing dishes in the local restaurant?

STREET URCHIN: Until they are all done.


GENERAL HAMISI TANGO 4: But they will never be done because people eat every day?

STREET URCHIN: Precisely, every dirty plate reminds me of my sin and I must wash them until my soul is clean. You are spending a great deal of energy fighting me but am spending non by missing your punches because I don’t want to be hit. In this world, Know yourself, your opponent and what you stand for. Until then, you are never ready to fight.




Many people don’t seem to agree with the truth and any Kenyan voter will agree that DAVIS CHIRCHIR was Jubilee Party’s Chief (Thief) Agent.

Davis Chirchir: The Jubilee Thief Agent


Before his job as a JUBILEE THIEF AGENT, Davis Chirchir was a Commissioner at the Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IEBC) during the 2013 General Elections where he helped introduce mysterious 2 million votes in favor of a PRESIDENT WE DO NOT RECOGNIZE. In the process, he rewarded himself with the Kitchen gate Scandal together with Isaack Hassan, James Oswago & Thomas Letangule (Oswago was to be the Jesus of this axis and shouldered the heavy cross).


After Fraudulently helping Uhuruto Ascend to power, he was rewarded with a cabinet position as the CS for the Cash-Rich Energy Ministry. In Energy Ministry, he just formed an evil coalition with ERC, KPC & NOCK and through MONTHLY PRICE PRONOUNCEMENTS by ERC, he ripped-off Kenyans badly. Let’s do the math, Kenyan market consumes more than 500,000 Metric Tonnes (Approximately 500,000,000 litres) of Crude Oil every month. You will realize that retail prices of petroleum products in Kenya are always exorbitant compared to the International Buying Price per barrel. Davis and his criminal enterprise only had to adjust the prices up by 5 bob from what they are meant to be to make KSH 2.5 Billion monthly.


Davis Chirchir’s crimes caught up with him and in a WELL-PLANNED MEDIA PR, Kenya’s RAVISHING POLITICAL COMMENTATOR (the guy with 3.5 Million KIEMS votes) DUPED Kenyans with his sacking at the parliament building. The Political commentator then appointed the CONNIVING FAIR-WEATHER ANGLICAN BISHOP, “His Highness” Eliud Wabukala to come and cleanse Davis Chirchir. I will remind you that ELIUD WABUKALA WAS THE FIRST EVER THEOLOGY student to use a MWAKENYA.

Wabukala: The first ever theology student to use a MWAKENYA. Pictured is his second wife.


Davis Chirchir got his cleansing from Eliud Wabukala and after continuously confirming that he was the DEVILS FIRST BORN, he was appointed as the Jubilee Party’s Thief Agent with a brief to domineer (at all costs) IEBC systems and ensure a fraudulent victory. Davis Chirchir fraudulently oversaw creation of scripts (with him and CHEBUKATI logging into the system more than 10,000 times each) which ensured Uhuruto maintained a constant lead of 11%, an eventuality which statisticians refused as impossible in an environment where results are flowing randomly.


Davis Chirchir was meant to be a Chief Agent just like Mudavadi. He fraudulently decided to overstep his mandate and assigned himself ICT roles in IEBC. He can only be compared to a man masquerading to be a groom’s best-man but will all his hands in the cookie-jar. When he was challenged (Because he was clearly and employee of IEBC) to open the IEBC servers, they opted to be guilty of contempt of court thinking that Kenyans are asleep and now more than ever, Kenyans are pushing for SECESSION and that is something they have chosen to die for, thus will fight for it.


NBK: The Sodom City and a den of crooks


All this time, NATIONAL BANK WAS EXPERIENCING SIMILAR ACTIVITIES only that the THIEF AGENT was REUBEN KOECH (Davis Chirchir’s political friend and behavioral protégé). It would appear (as we are informed) that prior to 2011, NBK was using a core banking system which could not support large scale transactions and had limited back-up (Branch Power) and rightfully so because they mainly operated on a less complex personal-banking proposition. Through the late CEO Reuben Marambi (and we thank God for his lateness), NBK invested in a modern core-banking system, Bank Fusion Universal Banking (BFUB) promoted by Misys (Indian Giant on Core-Banking Systems).

Reuben Marambi: Former CEO and a criminal who was boxed by Karma


Just like Chinese products where there is always the worst and the best quality of the same product, Reuben Marambi paid for the best quality but delivered the worst quality, POCKETING AN ELEPHANT OF A LOOT. Reuben Marambi would then retire leaving NBK with its system implementation problems and ended up using the loot from Misys as a venture capital to Politics. But Karma is a bitch, he lost the elections terribly and died from one of the world’s chronics.


NBK continued with its system problems and when Munir Ahmed was hired by Hassan Mohamed (his cousin), himself and the board began to plan for another core-banking system. MUNIR AHMED HIRED REUBEN KOECH as the Corporate Director as a result of political influence despite not being the best from the conducted interviews (just like Chebukati who despite not being the best interviewee is famed with a “pass” from law school and to-date has refused to grow a pair). REUBEN KOECH was then made the Chief Agent of the project “Upgrade BFUB”. If National Bank was operating through the influence of Jamaican Maroon spirit-possession, the name REUBEN would have been declared as an abomination, REUBEN MARAMBI then REUBEN KOECH.


Don’t be fooled, Munir was never a CEO material. Even though he had relevant papers, his previous experience was confined to Compliance with zero in business development. Munir was rescued from Standard Chartered Bank where he was already declared as a redundant resource and was to be retrenched through Voluntary Early Retirement Scheme (VERS). This explains why Munir Ahmed went to NBK with vengeance and implemented the VERS strategy to the letter. However, because he short-changed the affected staff, he left a legal burden with NBK, a price NBK must pay whether they like it or not. Any leader who believes in making employees redundant then shading them off instead of empowering and programming them to do things his way is not fit to be a CEO.

Due to Munir’s leadership shortcomings, he managed to hire dead weight from other banks including a FORM 4 DROPOUT, BOBBY KIBAARA whom they became enemies after Kibaara short-changed them (him and his cousin) on BRANCH EXPANSION LOOT PERCENTAGES.


REUBEN KOECH, just like Davis Chirchir was a Thief Agent with a BATTALION OF BENEFICIARIES dancing behind him as they were sure they had to make a kill on systems upgrade. The beneficiaries were THOMAS GACHIE, REUBEN KOECH, BOBBY KIBAARA (elbowed from the queue by WILFRED MUSAU), MUNIR AHMED, HASSAN MOHAMED (Chairman), JOSEPH KERING and ERASTUS MWONGERA. Former board members (GITONGA AND MWANIKI) who opposed this scheme were SWIFTLY VOTED out in the following AGM through SHAREHOLDER BRIBERY.


REUBEN KOECH seemed to be on top of his NAUSEATING STRATEGY and prepared a “detailed proposal” on the Service providers as regards the Upgrade as below:



Bidder Cost (KShs) Write-off (KShs) Total Cost (KShs)
Infosys Limited 321,741,915 358,000,000 679,741,915
Misys Financial Software 257,200,000 358,000,000 615,200,000
JMR Infotech 326,078,570 358,000,000 684,078,570


REUBEN KOECH would go ahead to explain the write-off as follows: Since Marambi’s system was operationally defective, there was a fundamental need for an upgrade. Marambi’s system had NOT BEEN FULLY AMORTIZED OVER ITS INVESTMENT PERIOD with the write-off meant to explain that. In the face of things, that explanation MAKES SENSE TO PEOPLE WITH LIMITED KNOWHOW which are the majority. What requires intelligence to know is the fine-print. In essence, The write-off was not applicable to Misys because it was an upgrade on the same platform with just a few additional modules. There also existed a premium opportunity to negotiate the actual cost downwards from KSH. 257 Million To about KSH. 160 Million.


Reuben Koech passed through the first hurdle and his budget was approved by the board (who were programed to approve it anyway) when he presented it at the Swahili Beach Hotel Strategy Meeting. Misys was viewed as the cheapest and any procurement guru will most probably choose the cheapest, provided optimal quality is guaranteed. In short, just like Reuben Marambi, REUBEN KOECH had successfully created an opportunity (of over KSH 400 Million) to enrich the beneficiaries and deny the bank decent profits.


At the center of all these, BLOGGER CYPRIAN NYAKUNDI had already started smelling something fishy (Kitu Samaki). He then started blogging that something rotten was cooking in National Bank. Cyprian Nyakundi created immense pressure that the bank was left with the option of either losing the customers or gagging Nyakundi, they chose the latter. Just like my Street Urchin (Shīfu), instead of the gag inspiring fear, it inspired more curiosity on Nyakundi.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi: Corporate Crime Burster


As a result of Cyprian Nyakundi’s Pressure, Central bank of Kenya through the advice of Arap Mashamba created a friendly match between the National Bank directors. In pro-wrestling, this kind of match is referred to as “The Last Man Standing Match” with a NO Disqualification (DQ) clause.


Somewhere between all these, REUBEN KOECH and MUNIR AHMED could not see eyeball to eyeball, but why? Reuben Koech and Munir Ahmed had rescued a customer from KCB auctioneers and the customer RETURNED the FAVOR to Rueben Koech through a bumper kick-back. Reuben is said to have reneged in delivering Ahmed Munir’s share and since the customer was a Somali, he informed Munir. Munir then fell-out completely with Reuben and we are told he attempted to sack him through a flawed process only to receive a call from Arap Mashamba.

We will handle the issue of loans in our upcoming series in detail, therefore stay woke. It will be interesting to read how we will be DECONSTRUCTING THE LIES on ISLAMIC BANKING DOCKET where Wilfred Musau is in charge. In our discussion on loans, we will adopt either of the following approaches:



This is similar to Uhuruto’s theory of: Steal the elections with impunity and without caring about the emotions of the electorate, ask the offended to go to court knowing half of the Judges are already compromised while the others are under constant bullet scare.

Using this approach, We will mention customer names with utmost impunity where customers will sue the bank for breach of confidentiality quoting the porous Kenyan banking act. The bank will in turn attempt to sue us and we will tell them we do not operate within the Kenyan Jurisdiction and so Kenyan laws do not apply in our case. Finding it hard to sue us, the bank will resort to suing the customer for defaulting on the loans and the customers will DEMAND BACK there KICK-BACKS giving rise to KICK-BACK LAWSUITS. In the end there will be a LITANY OF LITIGATIONS. Oh my goodness!!!


We will describe the customers and there issues without mentioning names then leave it to Auditors and CBK to do their job. If they don’t, then we expose them instead of customers.



As a result of the No DQ clause, REUBEN KOECH & WILFRED MUSAU emerged as the last men standing owing to external interference.


Project “Upgrade BFUB” was still ongoing and after emerging as the last man standing on a friendly match, the THIEF AGENT REUBEN KOECH was even more energized and was ready to unleash a Tsunami-Train of Impunity.

Reuben Koech: Corporate Criminal and a bribe peddler


The money was paid to Misys who we are told DELIVERED THE MARK-UP TO REUBEN KOECH who unlike Bobby Kibaara, respected the agreed sharing ratios and we are told these RASCALS HAVE ACCOUNTS IN UAE where these moneys were kept. Remember, this payment was done when Munir had been sacked and WILFRED MUSAU had to get an Elephant of a loot.


Also remember that despite Munir Ahmed Being Sacked, he was PAID HIS DUES IN FULL FOR THE REMAINDER OF HIS CONTRACT PERIOD. Clearly, these are friends and the friendly match was nothing personal.


REUBEN KOECH and WILFRED MUSAU were initially RESIDENTS OF LANGATA’S KABURINI, an estate famed for Nairobi’s middle class wannabes. After the Misys windfall, REUBEN KOECH BOUGHT A KINGLY-MANSION in NAIROBI’S WESTLANDS area while WILFRED MUSAU ACQUIRED A CASTLE IN KAREN.


Wilfred Musau: The skirt chaser & a “proud owner” of a castle in the leafy Karen


But wait, there is more. Recently, Misys was ready to do the migration from BFUB to FUSION BANKING ESSENCE, the alleged robust banking system.


For those who do not know, Migration is the movement of customer details from one system to the other. The Migration was recently done and REUBEN KOECH ACHIEVED YET ANOTHER TARGET, KSH. 1 BILLION IS MISSING and CANNOT BE RECONCILED. Just like his political friend Davis Chirchir and IEBC servers, REUBEN KOECH HAS REFUSED TO GIVE KPMG AUDITORS the MIGRATION SCRIPTS. For the volume of data in banking, migration must have been scripted and not manual. We are told, they used the migration opportunity to make a kill and now they have DEBITED A SUSPENSE ACCOUNT (COMPUTER SUSPENSE ACCOUNT) with the over KSH 1 Billion for purposes of reconciling the migration.


Migration of a core-banking system is not a joke and often prone to fraudulent activities more so if it’s organized by INSIDER FELONS LIKE REUBEN KOECH. It’s normal for banks to retain the previous platform as they slowly adopt the new platform. However, REUBEN KOECH ordered A SHUT-DOWN of the previous system because according to him, proper reconciliation would DENY HIM THE BONANZA. Why should REUBEN KOECH COMPLICATE a simple process with GREED AS HIS DRIVING PASSION yet we know the migration was not from a different vendor?


We ask KPMG to DELVE DEEP into this matter. REUBEN KOECH & WILFRED MUSAU are known to bribe everyone and KPMG should send more qualified and uncompromisable people. Audit firms are fond of sending Junior people with minimal experience (Associates and Senior Associates) to deal with EXPERIENCED BANKING CRIMINALS LIKE REUBEN KOECH.


Now tell me why these criminals (Wilfred Musau, Reuben Koech, Joseph Kering and Hassan Mohamed) should not be apprehended and charged for Economic crimes?


Joseph Kering: NBK Non Executive Director and a political schemer known for collecting bribes on behalf of the political class
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