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The Racist American High Commissioner


The US wanted 100% of TURKANA Oil, Uhuru KenyattA said 5% to Local Turkana people, 50% to USA & 45% to Kenyatta Family, they accepted shingo upande.

Governor NANOK said 15% to Locals, 85% to National Government to other Kenyans with Non to Kenyatta Family & USA. NANOK immediately became the Enemy of state number 1. Uhuru did not believe a mere governor could stand on his way to primitive wealth accumulation. More so he really wanted to offer Turkana oil as a burnt sacrifice to the USA in an attempt to solicit for forgiveness from the big brother as regards masterminding 2007/08 Post Election Violence.

Then RAILA ODINGA went to Turkana and overruled NANOK effectively declaring that 35% will go to the local government with 65% to National Government. According to RAILA Kenyatta Family and the USA are not entitled to Turkana Oil.
After this announcement RAILA immediately converted to the biggest enemy of the USA.

According to the USA, there interests supersedes any crime including terrorism, crimes against humanity like 2008 PEV, National Looting, Money Laundering, Fraud, Murder and subversion of democracy among others.

The KSH. 50B lost through Fraudulent Elections conducted by the CRIMINAL AXIS between Uhuruto, Safaricom, Safran Morpho, Alghurair & IEBC is nothing compared to the potential gain by the USA in the TURKANA OIL BONANZA.

Kenyans you are on your own. The big brother has decided to trivialize and downplay the Criminal enterprise. Every good thing comes with a price but the uniqueness of liberation is that it has to leave behind a trail of blood-clot with the oppressors fighting hard to drink as much blood as possible from the oppressed. However much you may want to postpone it, bloodshed has characterized all struggles towards liberation.

Kenyatta Family is determined to take this country back to our Dark Past through blatant of impunity, but this time with American Support and we must resist it.

To understand why HASSAN JOHO is also the biggest enemy of the Kenyatta Family, you only need to re-read the above explanation but this time REPLACE the word NANOK with JOHO and TURKANA OIL with KWALE TITANIAM. It was important for Uhuru Kenyatta to COMPUTER GENERATE SALIM MVURYA to keep the DEMONIC INTENTIONS ALIVE.

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